Scott Thomas Savol

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"My husband made me watch AI in the other room from him because I was either yelling with joy or screaming at the tv.  When Scott was safe I'd scream & the cats would run off."   Kim

"OMG.....HELLLLPPPPP,,,,,I"M 100% MIKALAH!!!!!AAAHHHHH....(LOL)"   Cree

"I really miss Scott, my heart aches for more."   Shysparrow

"I could feel the emotion of the song reach through the screen & pin my heart.  Scott took his glasses off & sang "Take a look at me now!"   Natalie

"He just doesn't sing the music, he sings the meaning of the words.  Not many singers can do this.  It is the thing which separates the great from the merely good."   Palindromes

"Scott is a person of soulful delight.  Nobody denies his love for God or music."   Amanda

"I had a chance to meet Scott & his family & let me tell you, he is polite, funny, a great hugger & annointed to do what he is doing."  Scott is a winner!"   Jazzcowgirl

"People should stop looking at his past & close their eyes & just LISTEN to him sing."   Dana

"He's a guy who was never the teacher's pet, never the star athlete & never the center of attention.  To see someone like that get up on stage in front of millions of people & sing his heart out with absolute confidence is thrilling."   Destiny

"YAHOOOOOO, Scott's gonna wink at me. lol, I'm a nut!"   Des

"The bashers sit on their butts without any talent these idols have.  Deny it or not they all have talent."   Moondustwolf

"I wonder if Scott has any idea how many of us are secretly in love with him!"   Paula

"Although Bo's hair is gorgeous hair, Scotty has hair like my sons.  It's short & when ya rub your hands over it, it kinda tickles, which is what I prefer.  Scotty, can I rub your head please????"   Barbi


"OMG!!!my grandmother went to Champps to see Scott & she didn't even tell me.  How mean!"   Mailyn

"Carol called Des & she got to talk to Scott.  OMG what a bitch!"   Stephi

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams..."   Jose

"He is so nice in person.  Very genuine & sweet."   Danica

"I'm trying to figure out a way to get my alarm clock to play all the downloaded songs I have of his to wake me up in the morning.  Now that is a nice wake up call!"   Joy

"Scott fans have always been about promoting & staying positive from the negative hype & publicity.  Any further reference to Paula & Corey will be deleted."  Joe

"I think Simon thinks everyone should weight 60 lbs like his rail thin girlfriend."  eazzzz2007

"Damn lines are busy, busy, busy,,,,what if it is a conspiracy???"  Chandra

"Your voice is like heaven. Your style is so rare & when you gave us that wink, you showed us just how much you care."  Ms Priss12

"You are like a big cuddly teddy bear."  Judy

"I deeply appreciate what Scott & Bo added to AI this season. They were the breath of fresh air AI needed to prolong their longevitiy."  Khadijah

"I can't wait until he is out of AI shadow & able to perform & get his music movin!"  Kim

"When Ryan told Constantine he was wrong I leaped off my bed & jumped around the room. I managed not to scream. (LMAO) I'm still trembling from excitement.  OMG Scott Savol, you are good!"  Sprout

"Sentational Savol...his name is no fable, when he blows he throws it on the table.  He don't need their AI label."  TLC1974

"What did he do to you?  Do you hate Scott or do you hate the Scott you see in yourself?"  Sting7

"I love that Simon had to eat some crow tonight.  Maybe next time he will think before he speaks."  Kris

"I think this was the BEST AMERICAN IDOL EVER!!  I am SOOO glad Scott was part of it!"  Jennifer

"The wink was soooooooooooooo sweet.  I loved it!!!"  Tracy

"It is so nice to be in a place where there isn't any Scott bashing going on."  Wendy

"I couldn't be any prouder if he was my son!"  Velena 2005

"Scott is good & will go far."  Neville

"WOOF WOOF WOOF!!!!!!!! Go Scotty!!!"   Lyte_bat

"I think I stopped breathing when they said he was at the bottom 3."  Marian

"It is WONDERFUL to see a really positive place where people are expressing their love for Scott, a truly gifted entertainer."  Wdbetzer29

"It touched my heart to hear about his green bracelet.  Obviously the people on AI's message boards have no clue about his home life & his faith."  Alissa & John

"Personally, I think he's attractive, suave, has beautiful eyes/smile, charming, talented, spiritual & blessed.  No doubt about it, he's destined for greatness."  Rita

"I am a Scott-a-holic, no doubt in my mind.  I collapsed with exhaustion & my friend looks at me with big eyes & says, "You know that this is a tv show, right?  Ssweettalker

"I'm A Bo & Constantine fan but I've been waiting for someone to do a really good job with "Against All Odds."  I have to admit Scott sang this song wonderfully & I gave him the most votes for the night."  Jealousy (Dark Hera)

"Scotty was showing a little chest hair tonight & it was HOT!"  Tjbents

"Cool to see he kept his word & blew his kisses!  Not that I caught one or anything like that, know."  Aaron

When Ryan said Constantine was in the bottom 3, I jumped up & screamed.... YEAH!"  Maharette

"I am in love.....I love you man! (lol)"  Nicole

"I know that I'm probably going to get booed for this but I don't care.  I want Scott Savol to win.  He is the sweetest & nicest person, he deserves to win."  Jessica Sierra AI4 Idol Top 9 Finalist

"Scott is a very, very nice individual.  He lightens up the atmosphere.  I'ts a shame that people don't get to see how wonderful he is.  He's very witty & a very spiritually, strong young man."  Anwar Robinson AI4 Idol top 7 Finalist

"Is the song Everlasting Love on the list?........AHHHHHH...DO IT!!!...DO IT!!!  Mamma Savol

"Two thumbs up man from one of the biggest anti social Scott people.  That was sung really, really really well..."  Army Jackson

"You can tell he took Simon's words last week & made him eat them.  You know what, after being told week after week that he should go home & then he ends up being in the top three, he has the right to speak his mind."  Bobbobb1

"Anytime I think of any contestant talking back to Simon, it reminds me of something he mentioned about it in an interview after Season 1.  Simon stated that he encourages them to speak their minds & not just stand there taking the heat.   Cookie

"You Go Scott!!!"   Sar-ika

"I prayed very hard last night for God to grant Scott immunity."   Chandra

"I for one will continue to follow his career & support him.  Thank you Scott for having the courage to hang in there when all the controversy stirred up.  You're a classy guy & made this season a memorable one.  Joe

"This was the first I got into AI & it was all because of Scott's audition."   Cindy Russo

"I watched an interview with Scott this morning & he said Bo stayed up with him all night talking to him."   Daisy

"Keep the love alive for him. AI is over, now his real career can begin."  Kris

"Scott sang to the world & touched me on the other side of the earth.  I'm 24 & I'm from Singapore."   Ray

"I'm a hardcore Scott fan & voted so much for him I almost sprained my fingers."  Snookishopper

"He's got fans & family that love him unconditionally & no one can take that down.  Amy

"When Ryan told Scott to look at the video for a little recap of his AI journey, he was blinking his eyes tight & biting his lips like he was ready to cry & trying hard not to.  I cried so hard last night."  Spoonie/Jennifer

"I want him all to myself, sorry girls!"  Nicole

"I think we need to name a new carpal tunnel syndrome after Scott: Repetitive Motion Savol Syndrome - manifested by numb thumbs & finger tips caused by rapid fire dialing."   Kim

"I am just scared that I talk to Scott in my sleep & my husband hears LOL."   Charity

"I'm an Israeli fan of Scott.  We get AI 1 day after you guys.& I just wanted to say how much I think Scott is great."   Yossi

"I cannot do anything without thinking of this man.  I do the dishes & think of Scott, I am cooking dinner  thinking of Scott, I go to class & think of ScHOTty, I take a shower & think of Scotty the Body :-) all day everyday is nothing but Scott.  I need help!!!!! LMFAO"    Des

"Scott reminds me of Elvis in a way, he sounds like him when he talks."  Maharette

"I froze when I met him, couldn't remember anything but HI.  He's cuter in person.   Danica

"Regarding Scott's tattoo, maybe it says, I Love You Stephanie, sounds good to me!"   Stephi

"I was completely blown away, he's that good & going to be a big star."   Connie

"I encourage everyone to contact the Cleveland Browns asking them to invite Scott to sing the nat'l anthem at a home game.  I just got a reply & he'll be singing the nat'l anthem at the home game on Oct 9 vs the Chicago Bears."   Berna Jean

"I wonder what Scott is thinking right now, probably thinking about us."   Spoonie

"Who can take Simon seriously anyway, he looks like Alan Thicke, the dad from Growing Pains."    Oochie

"Hey ya all, I'm thinking of putting Scott's pics on my ceiling. (LOL)"   Charity

"Scott is a very nice, sincere man, all idols were too, except for one."    Peter

"I love Scott more than pizza, more than designer clothes, more than a trip to Paris, more than any other singer on this earth."  Nancy Jones

"I love Scott more than my husband. lol"    Charity


"I am also a Scott Savol lover!!!!!   He is the very best around.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE HIM!"   Cari

"Scott is an awesome person.  His voice is so smooth & sexy.  I'd love to hear more from him.  Can't wait!"   Gwen

"I love Scott, hearing his amazing voice, seeing him (if only one time) but at least seeing him do what he loves.  Hope to hear more from him soon, can't get enough."   Misty

"I love Scottie the Hottie more than anyone else!!! LOL"    Stephi


"Listening to "The Impossible Dream" ever notice his phrasing on un-bear-able so-rrow?  This is Soul or R&B for the masses & crosses all boundaries of fandom."  Houston52

"Oh Mama Savol, you are a bad, bad girl...I think Joe owes you a spanking this time."   Kathi

"Which Greek god are you?  Surely not Constantine...lmao"   Joe

"I am proud of my son & what he has accomplished this past year."   Mamma Savol

"We can tattoo Scott is my Idol across his forehead."   Tracey

"In Scott I see a man who has learned from previous mistakes, is a loving father & is a Born Again Christian with the voice of velvet."   Kim

"Thought of the Day: Some people are like Slinkies.  They're really good for nothing but they still bring a smile to your face when you push them down a flight of stairs. There's our new name for Con-fans. lmao"   Joe

"He's got good teeth.  I'd do my dental assisting on that mouth ANYDAY."   Michele

"OMG...sorry Cathy, I gotta say your son has the most awesome lips I ever did see aside from LL...I'm a lip person."   Barbi

"Now I'm a big Constantine fan but I have to share this with all the Scotty the body fans. When he was onstage at the end he touched my hand & winked at me then afterwards outside, I got his autograph.  I said, I love you Scott and he said, I love you too."   Chantalstar111

"Cathy, how does it feel to have given birth to a SUPERSTAR?"   Michele

"I am from TN & I am 20 yrs old & I am in love with Scott."   Nicole

"Cons looks like a Gremlin when he is all contorted in the wonderful face he makes."   Joy

"Really, Oochie?  Scott's half Italian?  WoooOOWWWWWWWW!"   Jose Lorenzo

"Would you believe my husband is a Constantine fan?   Nancy

"Scott is clearly a class act!  May God keep him humble enough to always appreciate his family, friends & fans."   Diana

"Never had so many laughs & tears from the things I read in here, you're all awesome."   Misty

"What conference? Ooh, this sounds so official & important."   Joy

"The reason why he started this group is because he knew all Scotty fans are girls & he knew that if he started this group, we'll all luv him for it too & he was right!  We all love the Master."   Des


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