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My American Idol Days

AI4 American Red Cross & The Showstoppers Album





AI4 2005 Tour



Tue 7/12   Sunrise FL   Office Depot Center
Wed 7/13   Tampa FL   St Pete Times Forum
Fri 7/15   Birmingham AL   BJCC Arena
Sat 7/16   Duluth GA   The Arena at Gwinnett Center
Sun 7/17   Greensboro NC   Greensboro Coliseum
Tue 7/19   Reading PA   Sovereign Center
Wed 7/20   Toronto ON   Air Canada Centre
Fri 7/22   E Rutherford NJ   Continental Airlines Arena
Sat 7/23   Long Island NY   Nassau Coliseum
Sun 7/24   Philadelphia PA   Wachovia Center
Tue 7/26   Wlikes-Barre PA   Wachovia Arena
Wed 7/27   Washington DC   MCI Center
Fri 7/29   Hartford CT   Hartford Civic Center
Sat 7/30   Worcester MA   DCU Center
Sun 7/31   Manchester NH   Verizon Wireless Arena
Tue 8/2   Cleveland OH    Wolstein Center
Wed 8/3   Columbus OH    Value City Arena at Schottenstein
Thu 8/4    Detroit MI    Joe Louis Arena
Sat 8/6    St Paul MN    Xcel Energy Center
Mon 8/8    Chicago IL    United Center
Tue 8/9   St Louis MO   Savvis Center
Wed 8/10   Norman OK   Lloyd Noble Center
Sat 8/13   Grand Prairie TX   Nokia Live at Grand Prairie
Sun 8/14   San Antonio TX   SBC Center
Tue 8/16   Glendale AZ   Glendale Arena
Wed 8/17   Los Angeles CA   Staples Center
Thu 8/18   Las Vegas NV   Thomas & Mack Center
Sat 8/20   San Jose CA   HP Pavillion at San Jose
Sun 8/21   Sacramento CA   ARCO Arena
Tue 8/23   Everett WA   Everett Events Center
Wed 8/24   Portland OR   Rose Garden
Fri 8/26   Salt Lake City UT   Delta Center
Sun 8/28   Des Moines IA   Wells Fargo Arena
Tue 8/30   Green Bay WI   Resch Center
Wed 8/31   Milwaukee WI   Bradley Center
Fri 9/2   Albany NY   Pepsi Arena
Sat 9/3   Pittsburg PA   Mellon Arena
Sun 9/4   Norfolk VA   Constant Convocation Center
Tue 9/6   E Rutherford NJ   Continental Airlines Arena
Wed 9/7   Long Island NY   Nassau Coliseum
Thu 9/8   Providence RI   Dunkin Donuts Center
Fri 9/9   Portland ME   Cumberland County Civic Center
Sat 9/10   Syracuse NY   War Memorial at Oncenter
Sun 9/11 Syracuse NY   War Memorial at Oncenter

My Concert Review - Staples Center LA (8/17/05)



What a night to remember!  My much anticipated AI concert almost didn't happen (I'll tell you all about it later)...and there it was, Wed night Peter & I at the Staples Center.  Good seats, man!  Floor Section 4 Row 4 Seats 1 & 2, aisle seats, baby!  You probably would like to know how the idols fair.  I know you've read a bunch of them since the beginning of their tour & tired of the same old stuff, you know, the usual..."who's great, who's fake, who's hot, who's not, who rocks & who sucks."  Let me tell you, in all fairness to all the idols & to all of their fans...each idol did their own segment & each different from one another. Ballads, Rock, R&B, Pop, Country & Nostalgic Classic Oldies.  THEY ALL BROUGHT THE HOUSE DOWN!!!  People young & old were all enjoying everyone's performance & giving them the love, support & respect that they didn't receive at the other venues.  To summarize everything, I'd like to do it the "AWARDS NIGHT KINDA WAY."  The Idols performed in this order:  Jessica (2 songs), Anwar (2 songs), Constantine (3 songs), Nikko (3 songs), Scott (3 songs including a duet with Jessica), Nadia (3 songs) and then the intermission...Anthony (3 songs), Vonzell (4 songs including a duet with Anwar), Bo (4 songs including a duet with Carrie), Carrie (4 songs including a duet with Bo & the group) & finally 2 group songs.

AND THE AWARD GOES TO...the envelop please...

Best Patriotic Performance - Carrie "Independence Day"
(people were just clapping, singing & feeling good about themselves being in America)

Best Action Performance - Nadia "Try A Little Tenderness"
(the way she handled her silver guitar wearing those high heels & kicked the air, held her mike while dragging the mike stand from one end of the stage to the other plus ending her signature song "You Don't Have To Say You Love Me" with stretched arms, she was so much fun & entertaining to watch.)

Best Sound/Visual Effects - Constantine "Bohemian Rhapsody" (with the fans screaming in the background & the loudness of his music together with the visual montage onstage, this is what your mind is like when you're on drugs - very high energy, indeed)      

Best Foreign Language - Anthony "Marc Anthony Adaption song"
(he sang it in Spanish!  Watch out Josh Groban, here's your competition!  And by the way, he sings in Italian too.)  

Best Instrumental - Bo "Voodoo Child" (although he played the keyboards when he sang Desperado & played the guitar when he had a duet with Carrie, he knows how to handle that electric guitar with ease, resting his right injured foot on the edge of a speaker.  Bo is one Versatile & BOnafide performer!)

Best Dramatic/Sincere Performance - Scott "Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)"
(the audience did what he asked them to & it was a very emotional & heartwarming moment.  The impact of his song, the power in his voice, the expression in his face & tie them all in a melody.  If only he can give a speech after his performance, this is what he would've said, "Go ahead, take a good look at me now, I'm an average guy who likes to sing & sing from my heart.  I'm just like you, I dream about having better things in my life & I'd like to do something about it & make it happen & now here I am, performing for all of you & I'll continue to do so because I love my son & I'd love for him to have the good things I never had growing up as a child.  I'm making a big difference in my life & would like to thank the good Lord above for listening to my prayers & to all of you, a million thanks.")

Best in Choreography - Nikko "Like I Love You"
(you just focus on watching his every move.  You feel like you're in a trance, you try to take a picture but you can't.  You want to absorb each & every strut he does & it makes you wonder, "How did he do that?")

Best Theme Performance - Anwar "What a Wonderful World"
(he dedicated his songs to the late Luther Vandross.  You can feel the vibration inside the stadium with his mighty voice.  What a wonderful smile, what a wonderful voice & what a wonderful man you are!)

Best Broadway Performance - Jessica "The Boys Are Back In Town"
(she opened the show standing at the top of the (prop) stairs while her back was facing the audience & flawlessly gyrated her way down the steps to the beat of her music.  Her husky voice never sounded any better.)

Best Costume Performance - Vonzell "I Have Nothing"
(there was a magical glow when she came onstage dressed in her mustard yellow gown.  She sang passionately & the audience loved her.  A guy two rows behind me kept shouting, "I Love You Baby V!  Isn't she beautiful!"

A Night to Remember



To think that 5 days before the concert, I would sulk again in my "Loser's Box" section for not being able to participate in any of the tour events, bbq shindig in Cleveland or even a slight 5 second phone call from Scott.  Luckily we found those "golden tickets" & immediately sent our payment through paypal.  So here's a countdown to the main event:

Fri - 5 days before the concert - found those Golden Tickets online!  chatted with the dawggies & Aunt Janet, requested some VIP passes.

Sat- 4 days before the concert - emailed the seller making sure the tickets were mailed promptly, went online & chat with the dawggies & Mamma Savol.  She assured me that she'll take care of my passes & let Scott know.

Sun - 3 days before the concert - did some homework & printed some Idol pictures 5X7's for all & a couple of 8X10's for Scott.  Made a fan with his closeup photos & pasted them(back to back).

Mon - 2 days before the concert - came home from work & rec'd a pick up notice from the post office.

Tues - 1 day before the concert - had to get up early to go to the post office & get those precious tickets before heading for work.  After work I checked my camera, set of batteries, placed them all in a bag with the pictures in a folder & a box of macadamia nut chocolates to give to Scott.

Wed - concert day - still busy at work but managed to "keep cool" not showing too much excitement.  Our last patient at 4pm was running late, (oh no!)  Left work at 5:40pm, had to stop at Carl's to get something to eat.  Heavy traffic (another oh no!!) able to get there about 10 mins before showtime.  Yeah!!!

Found our seats, lights out & the AI music theme started playing.  Noticed that people eat (a lot) like it's the end of the world, popcorn & other kinds of junk food you can find at the concession stand.  Okay, Jessica's singing now, but people are still coming in the stadium, Can't see much, it was too fast & people just blocking my view going to their seats.  Better take out my camera now. 1st shot, blurry (hmm, what happened here?) let's try another one, oh no! more blurry shots!  Okay check the manual now.  I should've studied this the night before but too late to whine now.  Next up was Anwar.  Still in the middle of my digital camera 101 (why are they f.... blurry?)  More blurry Anwar shots.  I better hurry up, Scott might be in any second.

Next was Constantine & the crowd just went wild.  I adjusted something but don't know what I did, no picture came out!  What the freak is going on?  Ok, just calm down & read the manual more.  The sound was too loud & the lights were too much, Peter had to put on some shades while he watched Constantine.  Looking cool, dude!  I think I got it,  Next was Nikko & took some shots, looks ok now.  He was hot with his moves!  Where did he learn to do those struts?  I should ask him later. 

And now, Scott, good grief, I had enough time to figure out this stupid camera & took about 20 shots of him & with Jessica.  People were still coming in & out with their food.  Goodness!  Let me enjoy Scott's singing & give me some view!  Ok, I think I got a good shot of, the security stood up & her picture was taken!  My Lord, what luck I'm having!  Scott kept going from one end of the stage to the other & so some of my pics he's just walking.  The background screen had some of his Idol moments.  I saw Mamma Savol's image during his audition.  He was so cute & his voice was crisp & smooth.  I kept yelling, Yeah, SCOTT!!!!  While he was singing, Peter & I were waving his pictures up in the air.  Jessica & Scott's duet was unbelievable.  They sounded so great together.  The guy 2 rows behind us was also rooting for him, "Go Scott!"  He didn't do any comedy routine but sang a birthday song to someone name Selena at the audience.  Lucky girl!

Next was Nadia, she was hot & did an awesome performance, she was really rocking & kicking & having a good time.  Intermission.  Time to head down to the loo.  The lady in front of me said she thought Nadia was the best in the 1st half & Constantine's was just too loud. 

Ok the big screen was showing pictures of celebrities at the red carpet & people were just screaming when Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston & Angelina Jolie's images were shown.  People were still buying more junk food.  Didn't they eat for 1 week or something?

Ok, lights out, the AI music playing now, here's the second half.  Anthony came in, he had a good stage presence & sang Marc Anthony's song in Spanish!  The people went wild again.  He was very good.  Solid voice & very handsome.  He kept waving every now & then to the audience.  Next up was Vonzell.  She just had that sparkle when she came in.  Very elegant in her yellow gown.  The number with Anwar was cute,  Anwar was studying her curves & she had to turn his cheeks the other way.  They blended well.  Ok, by now, I was wondering when my VIP tickets will be delivered.

Next was Bo & the crowd are now getting crazy.  Lots of support for him.  He came out with a cane.  He sang his numbers pretty well.  He's very humble & had that Southern twang when he was talking & his mane was just well kept & shiny.  I told Peter, it's already Bo singing & our passes are not yet here, maybe we can ask one of the securities.  His right injured foot was well wrapped & he had to rest them on top of the speaker while he played his electric guitar.  He kept drinking his bottled water.  He went from one end to the other when he sang his fast songs "Vehicle & Sweet Home Alabama."  He was just hopping without any cane.  You're such a pro & you work so hard Bo to give the crowd what they want.  God Bless your heart, man!  I think around this time, someone came up to us & gave us our precious passes.  Never felt so relieved in my life.  A couple more minutes & I get to see Scottie!!!  Carrie was the last one out & she did her stuff until the group sang with her, then she did a duet with Bo.  Then finally 2 more group songs.  Lean On Me & Rock in the USA.  Ok time to freshen up now & meet Scott at the lounge!  

What's the the Meet & Greet



My most anticipated part was when I met all the idols (minus Bo).  Peter & I went upstairs, some VIP Lounge & it was a very nice setting.  We ordered some wine at the bar while waiting for the idols to come.  We went outside to get some fresh air cuz both of us felt a bit hot at the stadium with all those people.  When we got back inside, the first one I spotted was Cons with a group of people & then Nikko & so on.  The following conversation took place at the meet & greet.

Cons:  I'm here with my friends.
Oochie: Sorry to bother you, can you just sign this picture?
Cons:  Oh sure, what's your name? (signing..).  Where was this taken? 
Oochie: It was at the BBQ in Cleveland. 
Cons:  Who else do you have in there? (curious at my folder)
Oochie:  I got all of you here (opening the folder to show him) Scott's 8X10's were all over.  

Nikko:  Hey what's up?
Oochie:  Hi Nikko, I enjoyed the show very much, do you mind signing this for me?
Nikko:  Oh, you have 2 pictures of me!  Great!
Oochie: Where did you learn how to dance? 
Nikko:  I was dancing first before I started singing.
Oochie:  You always throw a cap, how many caps do you have?
Nikko:  The Cardinals provide them for me, so they take care of those for me.
Peter:  Are you from Texas?
Nikko: No, I'm from Missouri.
Peter: I went to a school there for 1 semester, Lafayette?
(there was this guy hanging around with Nikko & later on I asked him, aren't you from the Idol too?  Yeah, I placed 16th.  I love this man, pointing to Nikko)  His name is David Brown.  I had him sign the group picture as well.  Darn, I forgot to have a picture with him.  He wrote his website at the back of the picture though.  Peter also talked about sports & football & he was thinking he's related to a football player with the last name Smith, later on I told him, not football, baseball. His father is the Hall of Famer, Ozzie Smith! 

Oochie:  Excuse me Nadia, can you sign this please?
Nadia:  What's your name?
Oochie:  Elizabeth
Nadia:  Did I spell it right?
Oochie: Yes, thank you!  You rocked that stage!
Nadia:  Thank you.
(I asked one of the 2 women that was hanging out with her if she can take our picture & I said it twice but pretty much ignored me.  When she asked her friend to pose with Nadia, Nadia turned & said to me, "You want a picture too right?"  And asked that person to take it.  She was just a sweetheart.  She caught up on that snotty one.)

Then I spotted Scott but he was busy with other people so we wandered around & spotted Anwar.  I kept telling Peter, to watch out for Scott & not lose him in case he leaves & we haven't met him yet.  Poor Peter, he had the 2 drinks, a gift bag, following me around, until his wine spilled.  Went to the bar to get some napkins & wiped the bag. 
Oochie:  Hi Anwar, you have a wonderful voice, I enjoyed all your songs. Can you sign this for me?
Anwar:  I look tired in this picture.
Oochie: This was taken at the BBQ in Cleveland.
Anwar:  Well, I'll just sign on my stomach, how's that?
(Anwar was very, very nice.  Didn't get to hang out with him either, he was with some guys, probably old friends.  Peter liked him a lot too.)

Oochie:  Hi Carrie, can you sign here & can I have a picture with you?
Carrie:  Okay.
(She's very pretty & a bit shy, I think.  Later I spotted her again with a security hanging around some group & asked her to sign the group photo (Top 12 Tribute)
Oochie:  I wrote this one about all of you.
Carrie:  (took time to read it) That's cute.

Then I spotted Jessica but I didn't get to hang out with her that much.  She was very pleasant & sweet though.  I heard her say, "I need a drink too!"

Oochie:  Hey Anthony, you sang in Spanish, where did you learn that?
Anthony:  I've been singing in Spanish & Italian for a while now.  I'm fluent in Spanish.
Oochie:  I liked it a lot, it was great!
Anthony::  Thank you so much.
(Later I spotted Anthony again & asked him to sign the Top 12 Tribute group photo.  I don't know how many times I made the rounds for all to sign the group photo & I wasn't sure if he even signed it or not so I asked him again where's his signature.  He pointed out, "This one is me.")

Vonzell was the last one we saw.  She was very tiny & so sweet. 
Oochie:  Hi Vonzell, you were wonderful!   How's your dad?
Vonzell:  Thank you so much, my dad's doing fine, thank you.
Oochie:  I wrote this one about the Idols (Top 12 Tribute)
Vonzell:  (also took time to read it) That's very nice! (giggling)
Peter:  Can I have a picture with you too?
Vonzell:  Oh sure.
(Peter & I love her.  She was very sweet & so nice.  Very genuine.)  

Meeting Scott



I saved the best for last because I spent a long time with him than any of the other idols.  I was finally meeting my man, my idol, my Scott!  A few weeks ago, I was so jealous of my friends who were at the Savols for some BBQ & Cleveland concert.  Others got to talk to him too on the phone who weren't present but poor old me, I was just wondering, when will I ever meet him?  But it's my turn now.  This is it, my wonderful experience with Scott.

Peter:  Scott, this is Elizabeth. 

Oochie:  Aloha Scott!  I'm Elizabeth & this is my husband Peter. (Got my much awaited hug from Scott, he was sweaty & all but I didn't care, I was hugging my man, Scott & it was a long, tight & sincere good hug!)

Scott:  Oh, thank you, thank you so much for the shirt & the shell lei too.  Did you receive the picture in the mail?

Oochie:  No I didn't.  When did you mail it?  (then it dawned on me, he's thinking thru email & I was thinking regular mail).  Oh, yes, I received it from your mom through the yahoo groups.  You had a wonderful time in Cleveland.

Scott:  That was awesome, I had fun that day.

Oochie:  Can you sign some pictures for me?

Scott:  Yeah, sure.

Oochie:  Can you sign the one in the back too?  Sorry they're back to back, cuz they originally were fans with a stick but the wooden stick had to be removed at the entrance, they wouldn't allow it.  I have a couple more for you.

Scott:  Where do you want me to sign them?  (I pointed somewhere at the bottom so it wouldn't cover his face.)

Oochie:  All of you are here tonight except for Bo..

Scott:  Yeah, ever since he hurt his foot, he hasn't been to any of the meet & greet.

Peter:  Is it a hard cast?

Scott:  No, it's an air cast.  He saw a doctor today for a checkup before the concert tonight.

Peter:  Wish he had some time to go to our office for some therapy.  Maybe later on he'll need it.

Oochie:  How's your dad?  Is his knee doing much better?  Did he had some therapy?

Scott:  Yeah, I think 2 weeks after his surgery he started having some therapy.  He had a total knee replacement & he had one done last year too.

Oochie:  How about you, no carpal tunnel syndrome yet from signing a lot of autographs?

Scott:  Thank God, no.

Peter:  How old is your dad? 

Scott:  He's (thinking....) 55 yrs old.  He just turned 55 this year.

Peter:  I'm only 54 & that's pretty young to have both total knee replacements.

Scott:  I know cuz of his weight, I know it's not good for any of us.

Peter:  We're both Italians ie Paisans.

Scott:  Half Italian.

Oochie:  Have you checked any of your websites?  I made one for you.

Scott:  No I haven't done much cuz of the tour.  I'm having a hard time logging onto my new apple laptop.  I used to have an HP laptop.  We'll be off on Friday, I'll have time to check out your website. (Scott wrote his email address at the back of one of the pics he signed.)

Oochie:  Your Mamma & your Auntie Janet have visited it & signed in my guestbook.  Hope you sign it too.

Scott:  Send me the link & I'll have time to do that on Friday.

Scott:  Thanks again for the shirt.

Oochie:  Does it fit right?

Scott:  It's perfect, at first I wasn's sure about the shirt but I like it, only thing is the length seems a little short but it fits right.  Thank you for the shirt.

Oochie:  So after tonight, you'll be in....?

Scott:  Tomorrow's Las Vegas & then we're off on Friday then San Jose on Saturday.

Oochie:  Must be exhausting for all of you.  Where were you last night though?

Scott:  We were in Texas, it's pretty tiring, can't wait for it to be over.

Oochie:  Well, you're halfway there.  The tour ends on Sept 10, so almost halfway.

Scott:  I know a couple more weeks on the road.

Oochie:  I'm glad all of you were here tonight at the meet & greet.  I hope Bo will be okay for the rest of your tour.

Scott:  Yeah I know. 

Oochie:  How's Rochelle?

Scott:  She's doing fine.

Oochie:  When the tour is over, what's your next step?

Scott:  I'll be concentrating on my own stuff, can't wait to get that going. (somewhere in the middle of our conversation, a lady kept coming by to check if Scott was free & asked him to join her friends.  But Scott stayed with us & told them courteously he'll be there when he can.)

Oochie:  Scott, before you go, I brought you something.

Scott:  Thank you. What is it?

Oochie:  Some macadamia nut chocolates from Hawaii.

Scott:  Oh good, I'll probably have this tonight back at the hotel.

Oochie:  Well, get some good rest & have a safe trip & enjoy the rest of the tour.

Scott:  Thanks for coming & thank you so much for the shirt.

(I got another long hug from Scott & sincerely thanked me again for his shirt.)

Idol Talk...the following was said during the concert &/or after party



"I'd like to special mention someone's name who's here tonight.  Her name is Selena & its her birthday today.  I'd like to sing Happy Birthday to her if that's ok with all of you."    Scott

"I'm 29 years old with a cane.  I'm really getting old!"  

"Oh...that feels good."  

"I'd like to dedicate this song to the late Luther Vandross."  

"Are you all having a good time?  I said, ARE YOU ALL HAVING A GOOD TIME?"  

"I love LA, LA Rocks!"  

"How y'all doing?"  

"Thank you for the support that you have given us."  

"Nikko, can I borrow your cellphone?  It''ll cost you $10 bucks.  Do you accept food stamps?"  
Nikko & Anthony


Top 12 Tribute




Lindsey & Mikalah, what's up with you fellas?
Jessica's "Total Eclipse" wasn't enough to click,
in comes
Nikko and whatever happened to Mario?
what's with
Nadia's hairdo?  is that a coo-koo-roo?
Anwar had a big smile, but it wasn't worthwhile.
another rocker
guess what, he's not even in.
Anthony, they gave you one more week
and showed you the exit.
Vonzell made it to the Top 3,
Bo's a rock and rollin' 70's dude!
but America wanted a country girl...
and her name is
Carrie Underwood!


My Idol Songs



From Shaker Heights to Hollywood  in less than a year's time,

you have been through a lot & AGAINST ALL ODDS,

you have proven to your family

especially to yourself that to dream,

THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM is finally here.

I have watched you from day one & if what you said

about your dad is true, then what I would love for

you to do is to do just that.......


Scott, there's a RIBBON IN THE SKY

& even if SHE'S GONE,

all of us at the dawgpound love you for who you are.

It's NEVER TOO MUCH to love you cuz we know,

you will always give us that EVERLASTING LOVE

When I hear you say, YOU ARE MY LADY,


but with that ONE LAST CRY, I just can't wait


Now that you will be busy touring around with the rest



you just make me smile for


and forever be my SUPERSTAR!



Mamma Savol Speaks



Ok, where do I begin?  I guess at the beginning.....Last August my son and I took a 5 minute ride so he could pursue his dream.  Little did I know that the 5 minute ride would end up lasting 9 months!  In those 9 months I think I have seen and heard it all!

This has been a roller coaster ride of a lifetime!  We rode to the top of the highest hills and took the steepest drops they had to offer.  I have always loved roller coasters and this was one of the best.  The difference is this one stopped at the top of the hill!!!

Our family has been blessed in more ways than I can count during this journey!  For all these blessings we truly thank God who made this all possible.  God was the conductor of this ride and He chose to stop.  We willingly got off at this stop, but we're not leaving the amusement park!!!

Scott's message was, "Don't be sad, my journey is just beginning."  So, for Scott, I ask all of you to be happy for him!  I know some of you are feeling sad, angry and/ or upset.  I understand those feelings and have experienced them all.  Allow yourselves a good cry if needed, but dry your tears, you've not seen the last of Scott!

Be happy and be the true fans I know you are.  The other contestants, they all have something in common with Scott.  They are all chasing their dream.  Please give them and their fans the respect they so deserve.  Continue to make Scott and his family proud of his fans.  You are truly the BEST!!!

We've met some very special friends that will always remain close to us and we've had some wonderful experiences that will live on in our hearts and memories forever.

Because I chose to be part of Scott's fan base by joining the Dawg Pound on these boards, I have seen the best of the best as well as the worst of the worst.  I so loved reading all the wonderful messages to and about Scott.  Often times I was amazed that people who never met Scott personally had the ability to "see" the wonderful man he really is.  You have great instincts and they were right!

A few days ago someone posted "Hate cannot kill Love."  I would add to that "Hate only strengthens Love."

Some of you may know who I am, most of you don't.  Suffice it to say that I feel as if I "know" all of you and appreciate all your love and support for Scott and his family.


Proud Mom of Scott (Stacy, Michael and Patricia)

Why I Love Scott



( to borrow some of the verses from his songs, here's why I love Scott)

"You're everything I need & more"

"A thousand kisses from you is never too much"

"Long ago & oh so far away, I fell in love with you before the second show"

"You'll never be denied everlasting love"

"Leaving just your picture behind & I've kissed it a thousand times"

"You take a piece of me with you everytime you say goodbye"

"Now it's up to me, oh what will be"

"They say there's always magic in the air"

"I feel like this is the beginning, though I loved you for a million years"

"This is my quest to follow that star, no matter how hopeless, no matter how far"

"I gave my best to you, nothing for me to do..."

"There's nothing left here to remind me, just the memory of your face"

"If I have to beg for your sympathy, I don't mind cuz you mean that much to me..."

"Then up the stairs he would carry me & I knew for sure I was loved"

"A ribbon in the sky for our LLLLOOOOOOVVVVEEEE"

Scott Madness



AI4 was definitely SCOTTagious!  Every Tuesday night, no one dared to interrupt me while I watch my favorite idol, Scott perform.  With the official "Seacrest Out" announced at the end of the show, I was ready to "duel" with my cell & land line phones for 2 hours.  For all those who have experienced a SCOTT-a-fever, SCOTTilytis, SCOTT-a-have-you moment, you can't deny that you are now a SCOTTaholic!  Here are my list of things why we know we belong to the Dawg Pound & will always remain a Scott Savol Fan.


1.  Your music alarm is Scott singing "...I get up in the morning & look in the mirror..."
2.  You have a framed autographed picture of Scott by your night stand.
3.  You turn on your Scott Savol MP3s loud enough to hear while you   take a shower.
4.  Having breakfast & reading all the Scott articles in the papers and magazines.
5.  You have an American flag & a banner that reads, "GOD BLESS AMERICA ESPECIALLY MY IDOL SCOTT SAVOL" by your front porch.
6.  You go to work wearing a black cap, white Tshirt, baggy jeans & dog tag necklace.
7.  During your lunch break, you check your emails for some current Scott postings.
8.  You look at your watch & wonder what Scott is doing.
9.  You do a bit of (dancing) exercise while watching some of your downloaded Scott videos.
10.  You go to the other sites & get nasty with the Scott bashers.
11.  You had your sofa re-upholstered to a white velvet fabric.
12.  Your throwpillows now have the fabric iron on images of Scott.
13.  You made an appointment to see a fortune teller to find out if you & Scott have a future together.
14.  Your wardrobe consists of 3X-4X white tshirts & sports jerseys.
15.  You have a dozen collection of plain black caps.
16.  You've added Scott's pictures in your family photo album.
17.  You also have a picture of Scott in your wallet.
18.  You marked April 30 in your calendar as a special day (Scott's Birthday).
19.  You made a scrapbook for Scott.
20.  You made a website for Scott (done!)
21.  Instead of saying, "See you later!" you take off you glasses, wink & blow a kiss.
22.  You say, "SCOTT-CHOO" when you sneeze.
23.  Your coffee mugs have Scott's pictures on them.
24.  Instead of nodding in agreement, you say, "WOOF!!!"
25.  Your voice mail has the following message:  "OMG...OMG YOU PRESSED 1, YOU MUST BE SCOTT!!!" otherwise, you'll be disconnected...GOOD-BYE!"

Idol Lingo



Ameraiken Idol - Clay Aiken
Anwarriors - Anwar fans
Baby V - Vonzell
Bice Squad - Bo fans
BOte - time to vote for Bo
BOtiful - handsome Bo
Care Bears - Carrie fans
Constipated - derrogatory name for Constantine
Dawgpound - Scott fans
Fallen Idol - Corey Clark
Fanzell - Vonzell fans
Fedians - Anthony fans (Canadian)
Greekilicious - Constantine Maroulis
Greek God Groupies - Constantine fans
Houdini - Simon's term for Scott
Insipid - Simon's comment, boring or flat
Jazzie - AI3 Top 3 Finalist Jasmine Trias
Moxie - Paula's description of Scott, having determination & energy
Nadia Nation - Nadia fans
Nikkoholics - people addicted to Nikko
Savolution - Scott fans
Scottaholics - people addicted to Scott
Scotty the Body - Ryan's nickname for Scott
The Fedoration - Anthony fans
The Sierra Mists - Jessica fans
The Turnettes - Nadia fans
Velvet Teddy Bear - Reuben Studdard
Vonzies - Vonzell fans
White Velvet - Scott Savol
Woof Woof - Dawg Pound's sign of approval



I, Me & My Idol Scott



Believe it or not, I reluctantly agreed to be interviewed by (myself) about Scott.  The following took place between 12pm & 1pm.

How come I did not hear the metal pounding? (I was referring to the music of that tv show  24.)
(laughing) I guess you noticed that one, huh?

Do you feel like answering a couple of questions?
Well that depends.  What do you have in mind?

You should know, cuz you're me!
Ok...ok, enough of the small talk & let's get down to business. (sigh)

My first question is, why do you "Idolize" Scott?

Funny you should ask.  I looked up the word "Idolize" in the Webster's Dictionary.  It means, "to worship as a god & 2nd definition is, "to love & admire to excess."

You mean "Idolize" like a Greek god?
I knew you'd bring that one up!

Sorry about that, I should've known better.  But going back to my question, you really haven't answered it.
Well, I think the media frenzy about AI is phenomenal & it got me into watching season 4 from the beginning til the end.  I didn't start voting until it got down to the final 12 but he has been my favorite from the start.

But why?
It's a fact, people do love & admire Scott to excess & it comes from the heart.  I just feel very proud & happy for him.

Well, let's play a word association game, you ready?  American Idol.
Hey, that's 2 words.

Just shut up & go with the flow, will you?
Whatever!  I can end this interview now, you know!

I'm sorry, ok, let's start again.  American Idol.


Mad Cow...ell!   (laughing)


I like that one!  Randy.


Lunch?  That's interesting?

Yeah, it's my freaking lunch break, how about buying me some hotdog!

Oh, forget about the word association game & let's go back to Scott.  You met him at the LA concert last August 2005.  What was it like?
You tell me, cuz you were there too!

Do you mind, I'll ask the questions here.
(long silence) Well, he's soft spoken, polite, a true gentleman from the Midwest.  He has the nicest complexion, great smile & THE BEST HUGGER OF ALL!  He makes you feel special.

Do you think a lot of anti-Scott turned around after getting to know him?
That's a 100% fact.  He's very likeable in person.  AI sent the wrong image to the viewers that he's anti-social or difficult as what was portrayed during the Hollywood group audition.

Who do you think is Scott's inspiration?
His son, his family & his faith.

How long will you continue doing this site for him?
As long as he doesn't tell me to stop, then I'll just keep on going.  I enjoy doing this, it's very therapeutic.

Tell me about the Kris Kringle you had in the Dawgpound.
I never have any idea who picked my name or number until I got a call one night from Mamma Savol & Scott. 

Didn't you mistook him for a plumber?  What's that about?

(laughing) We were expecting our plumber to come that night after cancelling or not showing up for 3 consecutive days.  When the phone rang I told Peter that it must be Preston calling to tell us he's on his way.

What was your reaction when you found out that Scott was your Secret Santa?
I was speechless...excited...I felt like screaming but didn't want to scare him off. (laughing)

If you have any advice to give to Scott, what would you say to him?
Scott, keep on making music, cuz you were born to sing to the world!  Let your voice be heard.  Never forget your humble beginnings.  Always stay close to your love ones.  Invest your money wisely.  Stay healthy.  And always believe in the power of your dreams!

Awe, that was so touching!  (wiping my tears away)...I guess I have enough materials here.  Thank you for your time.
I had a great time too!  By the way, thank you for buying me lunch.

Well, I'll see you when I get home then!

You bet!

Close Encounters of a Scottie Kind



2005 was the year I got hooked up on American Idol.  There was something about contestant # 502 that caught my attention.  I never voted as hard, never was a fan, never met any Hollywood celebrity, in short, my life was just "average."  I looked forward to watching my favorite idol, Scott Savol.  It was the highlight of my week seeing him perform & rejoicing when he gets through the next phase up until he was voted off on May 2, 2005 making him the 5th Finalist for the season.  The withdrawal symptoms were just unbearable.  I never went to any boardrooms, chatrooms or any forums before but I felt that I need to find out more about this guy & if anyone else had the same thoughts.  I just felt I need to "stay connected."  It was Mother's Day 2005 that I came across Joe's Yahoo - Dawg Pound group & joined in.  Someone in the group named Kathi wanted to do a scrapbook for him.  I got excited & started writing "stuff" about what I think.  Later on I was thinking, "Well, why not make a site for him, hmm?"  That's a thought, a lot of research & work but, I said, "Well, I'll give it a try." 

I wrote a summary of all his songs under the main title "Scott is My Idol."  I somehow found Mamma Savol's email address & sent her a copy.  I never expected that she would reply & would show it to Scott!  Somewhere in the yahoo postings, I received Scott's reply!  I was just on Cloud 9, WOW, he replied, his mom replied!  How neat was that?

In July, my husband Peter & I went to Hawaii, I emailed Mamma Savol & asked her if I can send Scott an Aloha shirt.  So that's what I did, looked all over the island for the best Aloha shirt for my idol.  I emailed her when we got back & told her that it's in the mail & hope he gets it in time for his Cleveland concert on 8/2/05.  I had one more favor to ask her, if Scott can wear it during his concert since it would mean a lot to me since I wasn't able to get any tickets at any of the remaining tour, thus won't be able to see him perform & just seeing him wear my Aloha shirt would be "enough" for me .  She replied that the idols have a wardrobe consultant & have to get approval & most likely it won't be possible but she promised that when they have the BBQ at their place, she'll make sure that he wears it & gets a group picture.  How true indeed, I checked my yahoo postings & there he was with his family & friends in my Aloha shirt.  I was just in heaven!  That made my day, my week! 

My husband, Peter knew how much "gaga" I was for Scott & he surprised me one night & found 2 tickets to the LA concert (online).  I immediately got in touch with Mamma Savol & Auntie Janet (in the chatroom) & asked if I can get 2 VIP passes.  She assured me & said, "Elizabeth, that's all taken cared of."  8/17/05 was the day I finally met my idol face to face.  It was an awesome feeling.  I didn't want to be "too excited" so I just acted cool but deep inside, my heart was pounding so hard (wonder if he heard it?)  We enjoyed our small talk with him, got my pictures signed, posed a couple of pictures with him too but the most wonderful feeling of all was "THE HUG"  never had such warm, fuzzy, loving hug in my life before.  It's the greatest feeling!  Sure, I met the other idols (minus Bo) but that excitement didn't last long.  I still feel his hugs, not just one, not just two but 3 long hugs!  Can't get any better than that!

I was the envy of my friends, oh sure, they met him at the BBQ, met him at the Cleveland concert or other venues, but they were all excited for me cuz they knew how much I wanted this to happen & it did!  By Oct, Cree organized a "Chat with Scott" I made sure I got home fast enough to catch the end tail of it.  I've learned that he had other short concerts coming up & was always checking if anyone went to see him & most of all see any of his videos.  Thanks to one wonderful "genious" in the Dawg Pound who happens to be from Ohio & was able to provide all of us with some of Scott's concert footage.  His name is Tao Pan.  He is just a "gift" from heaven!

By Nov, I emailed Mamma Savol about a kris kringle idea.  In the Dawg Pound, Des was already spreading out the same thing!  So those who were interested got to draw a number.  Joe assigned the numbering.  To my surprise, I didn't even know that Scott joined in at the last minute together with his sister Stacy.  Des asked me one time if I wanted to know who my Secret Santa was & I said no, cuz I want it to be a surprise til the end.  About a few days before Christmas, I received a picture card of Scott from Cree, I wanted to put it with the other cards that I received but it kept falling off, so I left it near our kitchen phone.  I kept staring at the picture & had a thought, "What if he called?  Oh, silly me, yeah right, Scott calling me, out of the blue."  That night, I got a surprise call, "Elizabeth, it's Mamma Savol....can you hold on for just a minute?"  Later on, I heard a low voice, "Hello, Hello" on the other line & I almost was speechless when Mamma Savol said, "Elizabeth,  Scott is on the other line for you, he's your Secret Santa!"  I felt like screaming to the top of my lungs for joy!  This is just too good to be true!  By the time Peter & I returned from our holiday trip, there it was, my Secret Santa's package waiting for me.  Love the 2 Tom Hanks DVDs, my Secret Santa!  You are just too good to be true! Scott, that's why you are my "favorite idol" indeed!

DAWGGONE Days...Dear Oochie (any Scott heartaches you have, let me know, maybe I can help)

Dear Oochie,
I can't seem to be myself anymore after I saw Scott on tv.  I can't eat, can't sleep, can't do my work right.  My boss caught me one time daydreaming, it's just so embarrassing.  What's the matter with me?   Puppy Love

Dear Puppy Love,
Have you seen that movie "Moonstruck" with Cher & Nicolas Cage?  Well, SNAP OUT OF IT! 

Dear Oochie,
My friends & family make fun of me cuz they say I'm just getting too weird lately.  All I talk about is Scott & his music.  I can't carry any other conversation if it doesn't involve Scott.  My dad thinks I need to see a psychiatrist.   Scottiegirl

Dear Scottiegirl,
You're a true fan of Scott but make sure you're not becoming an obsessed fan.  Maybe you can join some of Scott's group.  I recommend Scott Savol's Dawgpound. 

Dear Oochie,
I heard that Scott is engaged is that true?  I want to know who she is, where she's from, etc.
Broken Hearted

Dear Broken Hearted,
Yes he is engaged to someone very special to his heart.  We all need to give them their privacy.  Fans like you should be happy for him.  I can't release any other details.

Dear Oochie,
When I met Scott after the concert in Cleveland, I was so excited!  I can't get over him.  My boyfriend & I broke up a few months ago.  He said I'm a fanatic & I had to defend my love for Scott & I said I chose Scott over him.  But now I'm so desperate,  I want my boyfriend back.   Lonely Heart

Dear Lonely Heart,
Why don't you take a break for another month or two if you don't miss your boyfriend by that time, then it was meant to be. 

Dear Oochie,
I've been sending emails to the Savols constantly & when I don't hear from any of them, I try to text them why they haven't answered my emails.  I just think that they should be answering my emails promptly.   Email Princess

Dear Email Princess,
Who the h... do you think you are?  They have their own lives you know, they have no  obligation to answer each & every email they receive from fans.  I hope you will respect their privacy & not bother them with unnecessary emails.  Rest assured they DO read all of their emails.

Dear Oochie,
I feel like I'm having an affair.  I write love notes to Scott's email behind my husband's back. I know nothing will come out of it but I feel like I'm cheating.   Unfaithful

Dear Unfaithful,
As long as the context of your emails to Scott is showing your support for his music, then you have nothing to worry about.  But you mentioned "love notes?"  Be realistic for crying out loud!

Dear Oochie,
How can I let people know that he's the most wonderful guy in the whole world?  People who watched him & judged him from the show are all wrong.   True Dawg

Dear True Dawg,
You can post all the positive things about Scott in the AI Boards & all of the other Scott forums & just show your love & support for him.  People who met him at their recent summer concert tour were truly impressed by his sincerity to his fans. 

Dear Oochie,
I've never been a fan before in my life & I think I'm becoming a "Scott-a-holic."  I can't seem to focus well at school & instead of doing my homework or school projects, I just go the the message board for hours & ignore my studies.    Lazy Student 

Dear Lazy Student,
Education is very important.  Why don't you create a schedule where you have some time to study & time to chat with your friends about Scott.  Manage it well.

Dear Oochie,
I'm overweight & often get teased at school, I love music & have a pretty decent voice.  Scott is an inspiration to me.  I still have a long ways to go before I can finish my studies & be able to have a career in music.  I just wanted to share that with you & everyone else & hopefully Scott will see this too.    Inspired

Dear Inspired,
You seemed to be in the right track with your confidence & perseverance to achieve your goal in life.  Wishing you the best.  Good luck.

Dear Oochie,
I had a fight with my best friend cuz she doesn't seem to be supportive of me & my Scott.  She likes another idol that I hate so much.  I want my best friend back.  What should I do?   Forever Scott

Dear Forever Scott,
Make a rule that no one will say any negative thing towards your respective Idols cuz that's pretty much how an argument starts.  Say something nice about her idol & she'll do the same.  Reciprocity is the key.

Dear Oochie,
I wanted to send something to Scott but I know he has received lots of gifts already & I'm thinking he might not like what I have for him or it might be a duplicate of somebody else's gift.  Any suggestion?    Gift Giver

Dear Gift Giver,
Let me tell you, Scott enjoys receiving all gifts from people.  You should've seen his face when he opens one!  I did & it was just fun to watch him.  It doesn't matter what gift you might want to give him.  It's the thought that counts & just because he's busy with other things right now, he does appreciate all the things that he get from his fans.

Dear Oochie,
I would love to meet Scott someday but I don't know when or where he'll be performing next.  Where can I get some info on his upcoming events?   Longing for Scott

Dear Longing for Scott,
Just visit the various websites on Scott & you'll be able to link to any of his upcoming events.  He did a couple of concerts in his hometown in Cleveland recently.  Check out this site's main page & link on "Calendar of Events." 

Dear Oochie,
I heard that he was online recently & had a chat with his fans, bummer & I missed that one. Will he be doing another chat soon?    Miss Chatter

Dear Miss Chatter,
There's a possibility that he'll do another one & we'll let you know about it.

Dear Oochie,
I've never been a fan before & Scott's charismatic personality hit me so much that I'm always wondering if he's an "angel" in disguise?  His sincerity & his faith made me love him even more.  I just wanted to say, thank you Scott!    Scott Fan

Dear Scott Fan,
Scott will surely appreciate your love & support, what a wonderful note! 

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