Scott Thomas Savol

Fan Dedications 2

2008 Dawgpound Reunion Observation by: Jodi Van Dyke
Against All Odds (Slideshow) by: DeeAnna Manning
SCOTT-O-GRAPHICS (Graphic Art) by: Jose Lorenzo Narisma
Slideshow 1 by Jose Lorenzo J Narisma
Slideshow 2 by Jose Lorenso J Narisma
The Name  Oochie A Chirico
These Precious Moments by:  Michele Chiafulio
The Sound of Velvet Symphony by: Jose Lorenzo J Narisma
True Dawg by:  Oochie A Chirico
Where Has My Little Boy Gone?  by:  Cathy Savol


2008 Dawgpound Reunion Observation by: Jodi Van Dyke



It all started on Friday, the party began,
the gathering of family, friends, and true fans.
All were there to support Scott, our musical man.
He personally couldn't be there,
but hopefully next year he can.
This year God must have had a different plan.

To connect to each other, the other people and Scott strived.
With the video stream live the party thrived.
On Saturday, awhile after I arrived,
I recited a poem to Scott through the camera showing him that my
dream also has drive.
And letting him know how his inspiration has helped me keep it alive.

A lot of waves to the camera saying hi.
A lot of people just nonchalantly walking by.
A lot of basic "Scott, I love you's" until I die.
With no further questions as to why.

There were door prizes and gift baskets brought to be won.
There was a money board and raffle that Stacey and Chrissy helped run.
People were entertained by some speaking, music, and karaoke fun.
Smiles extended when we got to talk on the phone to Mama & Papa Savols's oldest son.

Playin' drinking games, the people began to cheer,
trying to have even more fun than last year.
Talking amongst other things about the wish that Scott and Rochelle
could be here.
but the God given love felt around enabled the disappointment to
slowly disappear.

There was also a potluck of grub that we ate,
many choices to make and a lot of cake to be put on your plate.
Scott's autographed cds were available at an affordable rate
and for Scott a Dawg Pound member signed calendar earnestly awaits.

On Sunday was a little action, but unfortunately also this year's
gathering's end.
However it's just the continuation of nationwide support for Scott Savol,
our dear friend.

The Name Oochie A Chirico







These Precious Moments by: Michele Chiafulio



Thinking back to the auditions
When we first laid eyes on him
We got a taste of his persona
He put it all out on a limb

We fell in love with him immediately
Because he has that thing
But when we heard him sing "Superstar"
We already crowned him The King

The next step was a group song
Which he didn't want to do
But he was the only one who made it
He made the Hollywood Crew

So now it becomes serious
Because now America votes
He came out with "You Are My Lady"
Here's where our commitment denotes

Next was "Never Too Much"
His performance was more than fine
He hit every note
And that's a for sure sign

"I Can't Help Myself" was his next song
Another one hits home
But this was proven evident
When our fingers hit the phone

"Ain't Too Proud to Beg"
Never sounded so good
He made it to another round
We all knew that he would

So next comes the one
That made us all fall in love
"Against All Odds"
Put him beyond and above

"One Last Cry"
Made all his fans melt
He sang with so much passion
We were all feeling what he had felt

"The Impossible Dream"
Was his mother's request
It was a tough song to sing
But he passed the test

He sang "She's Gone"
A song by Hall and Oats
They gave him a standing ovation
And he even got their votes

"Everlasting Love"
Was the next one in line
With his "disco dancing" skit
He was nothing less than FINE!

The song "Dance With My Father"
touched our soul
Another one of his songs
That our hearts he stole

"Everytime You Go Away"
All dressed in black and lookin' fine
With a voice like that
He is labeled DIVINE

When he sang "On Broadway"
So confident and proud
He even sang to Simon
Pointed to him and sang out loud

But this was the night
That was a huge surprise
So very unexpected
He didn't get first prize

All of us depressed
With tears falling
Then we finally realized
That this is his true calling

Going on tour
And meeting his fans too
This is what makes us
Stick to him like glue

He's real
He's true
He's one of a kind
He's gonna make it on top
Because he's so genuine

Scott Savol has made a difference
Not just with his gift
But because of the person he is
Our spirits he will always lift.

The Sound of Velvet Symphony by: Jose Lorenzo Narisma



The sun rises through the sky
With all my memories that come to fly
A feeling of swift happiness
Hearing a voice that makes me say,
"My, oh my!"

The sound of velvet symphony
Is all I hear
The voice that set me free
Free to move on but never forget what I used to be

It's been a year since,
I felt such kind of spectacle
The sensation of happiness meant for me
All because of the sound of velvet symphony

They say he's proud,
Some say much worst
But for me
It is the sound of velvet symphony

Have you ever wondered who this guy is?
The man, the voice,
The symphony in his soulful heart
That dawned a new era in my life
The sound of velvet symphony rising through his soul
A beautiful soul in my idol.....
Scott Savol.

True Dawg by: Oochie A Chirico




Like a true Dawg, I am loyal to you alone.
I run in circles and do the "Dance of Joy"
whenever I hear your upbeat songs.
I bark at your critics & howl at them like a MAD DAWG!
I wait patiently by the window for the mailman...
just wondering,
perhaps there's a remote chance that you'd write.
And you did!
With that Christmas card that I received!
I read and exchange pleasantries
with my fellow Dawggies.
I'm a good Dawg and behave appropriately
but once in a while
I jump in excitement
when I hear anything about your latest gigs.
Life was a bit ordinary for an OLD DAWG like me
until you popped into my life.
now I'm just a Happy Dawg,
happy as can be.

(ps:  I Ain't Too Proud To Beg...I'll Get Down On My Knees
And Beg for that "SCOTTIE KISS" oh please...please...)

Where Has My Little Boy Gone? by: Cathy Savol



Where has my little boy gone?
With his eye aglow and his smiles so bright,
Seems I tucked him into bed only last night.

Where has my little boy gone?
With his infectious laugh, forever at play,
Did I walk him to school only yesterday?

Where has my little boy gone?
My little boy has grown up and become a man.
I remember when the journey just began.

Where has my little boy gone?
My little boy has a little boy of his own,
And neither of them will ever be alone.

Where has my little boy gone?
He used to sing in the kitchen just for me,
Now in front of millions, he sings on TV.

Where has my little boy gone?
He went from Cleveland to Hollywood
Where in front of thousands, proud he stood!

Where has my little boy gone?
He has gone coast to coast to entertain
With a schedule that sometimes seemed insane.

Where has my little boy gone?
My little boy has a new woman in his life
Soon she will become his loving wife.

Where has my little boy gone?
My little boy has grown up on me,
But he'll live forever in my memory.

I love you, Scott...Mom


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