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Anthology of Songs by:  Jose Lorenzo J Narisma
A True American Idol by:  Jill Miller
DAWGPOUND by:  Oochie A Chirico

Emanon Singing by:  Oochie A Chirico
How It All Began by:  Michele Chiafulio
Meeting Scott by:  Linda Barton

Memory Lane by:  Oochie A Chirico
Musical Inspiration Version II by: Jose Lorenzo Narisma
Nolan's Bracelet by:  Oochie A Chiric
Scothy by:  Jose Lorenzo J Narisma
Scott  by:  Jill Miller
Scotty by:  Jill Miller
The Man of the Hour by:  Desiree Vermuelen

Anthology of Songs by: Jose Lorenzo J Narisma



Scott...there's something that I'd want to say
But words sometimes get in the way
I just want to show our feelings for you
I guess you'd know that we love you so.

Even if people try to shatter your dreams & break your heart
Even if it's against all odds
the only chance you'll take
to reach that unreachable star.

People say you won't last long on Broadway
we only wish that they can open up their hearts
and realize the true you!
wish they could turn around, turn around
& see who you really are.

Giving your best is never too much
for you're still our superstar,
ain't too proud to beg for more.
we can't help ourselves when we see you smile.

When we hear your name,
man, it starts the flame
that burns in our hearts
the love we cannnot hide.

For you have shown us that
everything is beautiful in its own way
and that there's a ribbon in the sky
ready to shine in our lives

We don't give a damn what others may say
don't ever leave cuz
we want so much more
hearing your voice spins us around,
oh how we love, love, love
to hear Scott Savol's voice.

But everytime we see you go away,
we know that the everlasting love
that has grown will
always remain.

A True American Idol by: Jill Miller



Sexy Guy
Velvety Smooth Voice
Comical Sense of Humor
Forever The True Main Event
Devoted Father And Son
Rochelle's Loving Man
Scott Savol

Dawgpound by: Oochie A Chirico


(Scott reading the poem below)


Dreamers we all are
midst life's chaos & uncertainties
e try to do our best
od will just have to do the rest
eople like you & me
vercoming every obstacle that we see
nited we'll get through
ever will we give up on you
evoted to your dear Scott, we shall remain...

Emanon Singing by: Oochie A Chirico



Yo, Yo Scott!
show us whatcha got
daddy's wrong
prove it with a song

"I'm my own man."
"Hear me out
hear me sing
if you can."

LL Cool J had this to say...
"Hollywood's based on looks and image
"America should decide for themselves
and they oughta watcha!"

judges' unanimous decision
based on your Cleveland audition
you can blow dude!
work it it out...
no shame, no doubt

"DO IT...DO IT!!!"
prove it
sing it
"I'm my own man."
wanna make things happen
watch out for me,
gonna make AI history!

just making ends meet
oh sure, AI was a treat!
signed my name,
that's part of the game...

Hey Yo,
people oughta know
I'm an average Joe
"You've seen a million of me walking...
down the street, simply hangin"

Love what I do
you gotta consider it too
DO IT... DO IT!!!
prove it
try it
or maybe,
HEY YO...just think about it.

(EMANON signing off...) 

How It All Began by: Michele Chiafulio



So here we are
Watching season 4 of AI
Little did we know
We'd fall in love with this guy

There he was
Walking down the street with his mom
On his way to the audition
Feelin' all cool and calm

His first moment on camera
Telling the world he's "gonna just rip"
Saying he's gonna give "150%"
This was his very first AI clip

Then he appeared in front of the judges
Giving them props and kissing their ass
He told them a little something
About his childhood past

This definitely caught attention
While still waiting to hear his voice
Then he sang Superstar
And instantly we made our choice

LL said they'd never see him coming
And that's it's a beautiful thing
Paula said she didn't expect a voice like that
And that it was pleasantly surprising

Randy was equally impressed
Saying that he "can blow"
Simon had his doubts
But to Hollywood he would go

So there he was
On stage performing for the world
And each time he was "safe"
He always thanked the Lord

Another reason why we fell in love
Because he was so thankful and true
A real down to earth person
Someone just like me and you

When he got voted off
It was a surprise to us all
While biting his lip
He still stood tall

But that wasn't the end
Because now the tour begins
He stole even more hearts
Even more votes he wins

Signing autographs and giving hugs
Showing his fans appreciation
This is what it's all about
His love and his dedication

You will go far Scott
This is God's plan for you
And wherever His path takes you
We'll stick to you like glue

The Savolution, White Velvet
And the Dawg Pound too
Whatever title was started
Is because of you just being you.

Meeting Scott by: Linda Barton




I met Scott first at the Dawg Pound BBQ in several hugs there...:) then I saw the first concert there in Cleveland too.  Then I was lucky enough to get to go to the concert in Salt Lake City and was able to go back after the concert and meet the idols and met up with Scott there also.  Got a couple more hugs from him too...:)

As for the gift, I got him a hat from the University of Nevada Reno and some jerky that was made in a small town here in Nevada and some cashews.  I was instructed to give the gifts to the head of security so I hope he gave them to Scott.

(Back in Cleveland) I had such a great time...Bern & Whitney are just wonderful...they made me feel so welcome.  We met Mama & Papa Savol, Scott, Rochelle & her daughter, Aunt Janet & Gracie, Chris & Tom, Stacy & Vinnie & Tao for dinner on Saturday.  Had a great meal there & afterwards we all went to the Savol's house for coffee & dessert.  Tao made some dvd of Scott's performances so we went down memory lane, was a great evening.  Then on Sunday we all went to the game.  Let me tell you, Scott was AWESOME singing the National Anthem...he blew me away.  I was able to get it on my digital camera.  I sure hated to come home but I did miss Glade very much & of course my little Lizzie.

Memory Lane by: Oochie A Chirico



let me walk you down memory lane,
we came to know Scott
through his American Idol fame!

some Idols were safe
while others did go,
Seacrest revealed who...
at the end of each show.

we listened to the judges
especially Simon's sour notes,
didn't matter what he said
we still casted our "Scottie" votes!

he's our only man
whatever support he needs
we're there to give him
...a helping hand.

he made it to the Top 5,
as Mamma Savol said,
"It was indeed, a thrilling roller coaster ride!"

while this was going on,
Joe formed a Scottie Forum
"Scott Savol's Dawg Pound"
spreading some Big Dawg love, all over town.

websites sprung here and there,
just google his name...
he'll sure to pop out

then came the summer's tour
Top 10 Idol Fever for sure!
from Sunrise to Syracuse...
if you didn't go, there's just no excuse!

a little detour first day of August
Mamma & Papa's invitation
"Come one, come all...
funfilled BBQ here at the Savols!"

headed by Scott in their Pop Tarts tour bus,
all Idols joined in
even "poor old Bo"
hopping in his crutch!

his signature song,
one that he took pride all along,
"Against All Odds" (Take a Look at Me Now)
just entertaining you folks,
living his dream somehow.

"Total Eclipse of the Heart"
pure heartfelt emotion from the start
Scott and Jessica's duet,
remember the times when young lovers once met?

"She's Gone"
another popular one,
"Mirror, mirror on the wall...
who's the smoothest Idol voice of them all?"

people who met him
got a big, warm, fuzzy hug
contrary to the notion
that he looks like a thug!

summer's tour is now but a memory
long gone are the crowd's applause,
the screams, the glitter...
the bright lights now a flicker.

bittersweet endings with all of your Idol friends,
must've been one "heck of an experience"
up until the end!

the next chapter of your life
is soon to begin,
angels guiding you...
from within.

as you look back
down memory lane,
keep it close to your heart, Scott...
for this is your road to FAME!

Musical Inspiration Version II by: Jose Lorenzo Narisma




The music which endowed my heart
The soulful voice of a noble person
Burned alit the flames of delight
A life that shatters with pain
Agony & sorrow like the scorching flames
All covered that eased my life in vain

Living a life in reverie
I have never known what's it for me
Until someone had shown me
That life could be better than it could ever be

A long lasting passion for music
Growing deep inside of me
For I have found someone
Who's fond of music the way I'd be

Sixteen sorrowful years of searching
Suddenly in an outburst
I see someone, I see myself
I see life and I have seen joy
I know that he's never gone
I know I better move on
Knowing he'll be back for more
Giving a glowing inspiration

Nolan's Bracelet by: Oochie A Chirico



struggling to find some hope
each and every day that I cope,
one less thing to worry
do not rush my life...
I'm in no hurry

as I looked through the tv screen,
the roar of the crowd
caught me in between.

among the idol 12
stood a white velvet giant,
gentle I should say, yet defiant.

with that "Impossible Dream" song
I somehow felt you & I
have something in common.

you're struggling to reach that shining star,
same as I, just hoping
I can go very far.

so I got this bracelet for you,
I know in time,
you'll help me pull it through

wear it for now,
my friend for life
my dear Scott,
each night I pray,
you'll forget-me-not!



About Nolan (more on Nolan, pls link here)

I am Nolan's mom.  I just want to keep it simple.  Nolan is 2.  He has a type of kidney cancer.  We picked green because it symbolizes life to us.  He had his kidney, part of diaphram, part of bowel, part of liver and lymph nodes removed in December.  He began radiation this week.  He is now having chemotherapy.  He doesn't talk well yet.  He's two.  He loves music and loves to dance to American Idol and we encourage him to dance most to Scott because he's talented and from our area.  I am his mother and was trying desperately to find things to make Nolan smile.  I went to Scott's house after much thought, didn't ask any financial support or payment, only that he wear the bracelet because it would make Nolan smile and his 7 year old sister who has been deeply stressed out by all of this, smile.  That's it.  Plain and simple.  The bracelets have brought local attention to kids that die every year from a disease that is little known.  We are so grateful to Scott who brought a smile to two little kids' faces whom he never even met.  We are grateful to Scott and his family for being kind.  We appreciate and feel all of your prayers.  Goodness will heal my son.

I am the grandmother of a 20 month old grandson who has cancer and is fighting for his life.  Scott wears his green bracelet when he sings and Nolan dances and his seven year old sister sings.  It brings the family some joy in a very hard time.  His name is Nolan which means champion and Scott is his Idol and is bringing hope to a family of a very sick little boy.  The show is one of the fun times.  Scott is championing a little boy he never met.  Look at that when folks are judging him.  He cares more than himself.  He will always be our Idol.

Scothy (dedicated to Scott & Cathy) by: Jose Lorenzo Narisma




As I remembered all my life
Before you came and changed my life
I was once a man
Who can't face all his fellows
Always crying in the night
Til the night goes into

Morning's just another day
Hoping people pass my way
Will look me in the eye
And see my pain within
And hope they'd realize
How happy it makes me

Oh, Scottie when you sang
And you gave without faking
You know it blew me away,
Oh Cathy, you advised me
To keep my heart standing
And I thank you for that
Oh, Scothy

I'm standing on the edge of life
They walk away
When love was kind
I'm caught up in a world
When I can't find me
Tears falling down my eyes
Cuz no one remembers me

(Repeat Chorus)

Yesterday's a dream
But I'll face the morning
Smiling like a breeze
My pain is over

(Repeat Chorus)

Oh Cathy, let me thank you
For what you have told me
And let me tell this to you
Oh Scottie, you eased all the pain I was taking
So let me both thank you again...
Oh Scothy...

Scott by: Jill Miller



With a voice smooth as honey
He came on the scene
And captured our hearts
Whether aged or teen

A bit of a dark horse
Was what Simon said
But the light that surrounds him
Shone thru in his stead

After pouring his heart out
With emotion thru song
He would stand his ground listening
To what he did wrong

He would follow this up
With a smile and a wink
Not seeming to care
What 'ole Simon did think

He wouldn't give up
His fans got him to five
Then he furthered the plans
To keep his dream alive

The tour was such fun
And tho tired and weary
He would greet all his fans
With a smile that was cheery

Whether giving out hugs
Or just signing his name
He was still his own man
Never changed by the fame

I can't wait for his CD
And of course his first tour
Where he'll wow me again
With that voice that's so pure

So from his start back in Cleveland
He has shown without doubt
That he listened to Randy
Baby, he worked it out!


Scotty by: Jill Miller



You lit up our pathway
with determination and care
Just an everyday guy
with a Dream you could share

Your magical voice
Sometimes brought us to tears
we could let down our guard
And drain out all our fears

As a God given light
Shined on you from above
You would point to the heavens
And acknowlegde the Love

I was so lucky
To get one of your hugs
And your beautiful smile
Gave my heartstings some tugs

Now the first stage is over
And a new one begins
Put behind your losses
And embrace all the wins

Life can be difficult
But as hard as it seems
You encourage us all
To Keep Believing Our Dreams!

The Man of the Hour by: Des Vermuelen



For the very first time I saw him on American Idol there was this connection.  I knew from the moment that I saw him that he was special and I was right.  Before Scott sang, I fell for him.  I knew I was suppose to vote for him.  This was before he sang too.  After hearing his voice, I was even more amazed, an angel singing right there on the television.

The overwhelming gut feeling, the connection led me to the Internet.  This is when I looked for any & everything about Scott Savol.  I just needed to know more & more & just so badly wanted to tell him that I just want to be your friend.  That I know it's meant to be only that, nothing more nothing less, just a friend.

When I found out that Mama & Aunt Janet was setting up for us to be able to come to the concert in Cleveland & the BBQ I knew come high to hell water I was going to be there.  I had to take that opportunity to tell Scott how great he was.  How much by him just being up on that stage every week singing his heart out for all of us made such an impact in my life.  Gave me something to look forward to each & every week.  Just to thank him for pursuing his dream & by his dream coming true he helped so many other people. 

When I met him, Oh My God! I was so right. He is so special.  Eventhough he was just like the rest of us down to earth, just hanging out.  But when the time came for me to talk to him & tell him thank you & let him know how much he is the best.  He was so sincere when he said, "Thank you."  When you spoke to him, he looked at you in your eyes & you can tell he was letting each & every word you spoke soak in & he actually listened.  He didn't just hear your words, he listened to them.  That is what I loved.

This whole experience for me is just so unbelievable.  There are no words on the face of the earth that can describe what all of Scott means to me.  It's not just Scott but it's the whole family that are wonderful.  And I will continue loving Scott's music for years to come. And I will continue my friendship with his family.  THANK YOU SCOTT FOR EVERYTHING!!!

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