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Scott Savol with the Nite Lights 2/10/06 Shore Cultural Center Euclid OH by: Michele Chiafulio

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(Master Joe got me on a "review" kick, so here we go...)


Never Too Much - My All Time Favorite. I listen to it the most. If I could pick one song that he would sing to me personally it would be this one. I love the different ranges he hits, always have.


Dance with my Father - If it didn't bring a tear to your eye during the auditions, it will now. It couldn't sound more beautiful.


You are my Lady - This is the song that got my Joe & his brother's attention during auditions. His brother said he sounded like Freddie Jackson.


Ain't Too Proud to Beg - "I KNOW YOU WANNA LEAVE ME...." now THAT sounds like the original to me. I knew I love Scott for a soulful reason & when he sang this song, it was my confirmation.


Easy Like Sunday Morning - Such a peaceful sound coming from him. Makes me like the song even more.


Sugar Pie Hunny Bunch - Well, eventhough ALL the idols have to sing it...Scott seriously blows them ALL away. No doubt.


Scott's Album song #1 - (listening to it now for the first time) hearing that Boyz II Men sound, feeling the heart & soul in it...OMG this man makes me melt.


Scott's Album song #2 - SOOOOOO R&B!!! That's THE JAM right there!


Scott & York - And they're doing Boyz II Men...OMG OMG OMG.....HOLY SHIT, you've got to be kidding me!!! BY FAR THE BEST I"VE EVER HEARD IN MY WHOLE LIFE!!! Who's Boyz II Men? (need a time out to listen to it again) I can't say it enough. This has touched me even more. Black & White, Ebony & Ivory, Chocolate & Vanilla, Diamonds & Pearls, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Sugar & Spice...ain't got NOTHIN' on Scott & York!!!


On Broadway - Just when you thought he couldn't get any better...Perfection once again.


Bless the Broken Road - I never was a country fan. I had to hear the original. Just as good if not better. Scott's got some "sweet chocolate" in him but Good Lord, the man does just as good with country. This song will forever be my favorite "Southern comfort."


In the Still of the Night - AMAZING!!! I would love to have my father listen to this one. I'm so breath taken right now. I don't know what else to say. Unbelievable.


My Girl - Oh Rochelle, is that your picture he was holding around his neck? Us Dawgettes want to be YOU right now. You're a lucky girl & I'm sure he's a lucky guy. Scott, you couldn't sound anymore perfect and PERFECT is an understatement.


Against All Odds - Still gives me the chills & a lump in my throat. We love you Scott & this song is one of the reasons why we do.


She's Gone - Hall & Oats would be proud, another standing ovation!


Everlasting Love - The song that was playing while I was opening my Hersheys Kisses, will forever be in my memory.


Ribbon in the Sky - It's all him, no music, no back-up singers, no York....GREAT GRAND FINALE!!!


All I have to say is...THANK YOU TAO & PATTY!!!


Woodshed Recording Studio Preview by: Tao Pan

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I was informed by Janet on Friday that Keith Lipovich from Tevis Entertainment was arranging a recording session for Scott at Woodshed Recording Studio Saturday evening & invited me to come. Of course I was very excited about this opportunity to really see a recording studio & to hear Scott sing.


I got to the studio before Scott & Keith showed up. There were already quite a number of people including the owner of the studio, Rick & his friends, & a heavy metal band of some 20 yr old young men. When Scott & Keith came, Keith was very kind & introduced me to everyone there while Scott was discussing a song with an older gentleman, Denny. Later, the 2 reporters from the local newspaper, Star Beacon came & interviewed Scott for almost half hour I think it was a miscommunication in preparation, Scott will not record any songs that night but he decided to try it. He went inside the recording booth & sang the first verse of "Ribbon in the Sky." Even without any musical accompaniment, he still sounded great & won applauses from everyone as you will see in the video.


Guess who I met at the studio? Denny Carleton, the host of "Cleveland Music Connection." Scott was on his program last Jan 4. He was the one who was discussing a song with Scott. When Keith introduced me to him, I only knew he was called "Denny" & he only knew I was called "Tao." When I was about to leave the studio, he came up to me & said, "I know who you are," which really surprised me. It turned out that he was monitoring who listens to his show & visits his website. He traced some connections thru Connie's The Scott Board, and that's how he was able to connect all the dots, small world indeed!


Westfield Southpark Mall 11/13/05 Strongville OH

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Scott did awesome, sounded even better than ever! Had quite a nice size crowd too, considering everyone wanted to "shop the sales" or rush home & watch the football game. My daughter & I took my 15 month old granddaughter, who by the way would NOT let anybody else hold her....Not Santa, Not Mrs Claus & Not other people but the little stinker went right into Scott's arms......WOW! It was adorable, Scott is soooo good with babies!!! GOTTA LOVE HIM!!! He was impressive. He started out with his audition song "Superstar" then did "On Broadway" (which I love) & a medley of the rest of his Idol songs then he did "Against All Odds" in its entirety & gosh, someone correct me if I'm wrong but the jest of it is, HE WAS SMOOTH & AWESOME!!!


It was so great seeing everyone else there, all the Savol Family (who are gracious as ever), Patty, Jamie & Greg, Berna & Whit, Lexie, Tao, Scott's fiance, Rochelle & for the first time Ohio Alley. What a memorable night! Cleveland Sandy

Hurricane Katrina Benefit Concert 10/22/05 Cleveland OH

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Well tonight is the night that Scott performed for the hurricane victims at the Our Lady of Peace church. About 100 people attended the event including the Savols family, Aunt Janet & her husband, Rochelle & her mom, Patty & her friend Judy, Whitney, Wanda who drove 4 hours from Michigan to Clevland to see Scott & the church members of Our Lady of Peace. There might be other Dawg Pound Members that I was not aware of.


After dinner a band of 5 men performed some tunes & then DJ Kenny introduced Scott who joined the band & performed The Temptations song "My Girl." Scott lead the band but harmonized beautifully with the other men on stage as you'll see in the video. Then Scott sang a medley of AI songs including "Superstar," "On Broadway," "Ain't Too Proud to Beg," "I Can't Help Myself" which got the whole crowd moving & dancing. Finally he sang full version of "Everlasting Love" & "Against All Odds." As you can imagine the crowd was thrilled.


After the performance, Scott walked to every table signing autographs & posing for pictures with everyone. I was fortunate enough to have his autograph & get pictures taken with him.

While Scott was walking around signing autographs, DJ Kenny set up the karaoke on the stage & Aunt Janet really showed her vocal talent by singing several songs. If American Idol loosens the age restriction, Aunt Janet can really have a shot.


Since Wanda drove so long to attend the event, Papa Savol gave her a special bag of gifts: a Browns T-shirt with Scott's signature, the Browns stickers & a Browns megaphone. Then Mama Savol gave everyone a caramel apple (this is besides the dessert served after dinner). What a treat & how sweet!


I have to mention that Patty also brought Scott a special gift bag: several towels with "Scott Savol" embroiderd on everyone of them. Scott was really delighted to have those towels.

Overall, it was a wonderful evening to spend the time with the Savols & other Dawg Pound people & on top of that, to see Scott sing. Tao Pan

33rd Annual WoollyBear Festival 10/2/05 Vermillion OH

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First, everyone was there besides myself & 2 of my friends that had never seen Scott before. Trae, Wayne, her son & daughter, Bern (Bernajean from the AI boards), her daughter Whit & granddaughter Jamie & her son Gregory, Chris (Mama Tene from the AI boards) & her husband Tom, Tao (the one that connie from Houston convinced to go to the concert), Aunt Janet, Gracie, Stacy, Cathy & Papa Savol.


We were all standing together for the parade so we gave Scott a good welcome when he got to all of us! Talked to him for a second before he sang, got a hug, then I let him finish eating. We were down right in front of the stage to listen to him sing! He sang Superstar, Everlasting Love, On Broadway & Ain't Too Proud to Beg. He did so good!!!


He had quite a large crowd of people there to see him. He stayed & signed autographs afterwards. As an added treat for us to see, Scott, Cathy & Eddie rode in the parade!


Gotta get new batteries for the camcorder before the 22nd...just got him singing before they crashed (& I had them charged all night!) PattyP

Idol 4 Tour Concert Reviews (by fans)

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Sunrise FL (7/13)


I've never gone to any AI concert before. Scott's duet with Jessica was one of the highlights of the evening. kboden


Because hairstylists spend a lot of time thinking about what looks good on people, No Lauderdale salon pros Wndy B & Lauren G had no shortage of opinions about their idols. "Carrie - too fake, 80's hairdo." Bo - all he has to do is wave his hair!' Larry H said, "It's the show's ability to take people this far." Him & his friend Shawn enjoyed Carrie's country style but Shawn said the highlight for him was the duet between Scott & Jessica. He had a couple of souvenir programs & posters to send to his family in KY & FL. But both guys said the payoff was Savol's performance. "He's not trying to impress anyone." Gillis carried 2 hand lettered signs to wave at the stage in support of Scott. Sean P




Tampa FL (7/13)


The concert sponsored by Pop Tarts lasted about 3 hours & featured 3-4 songs by each idol. Here are some of the highlights of the show:


best vocals - Jessica Sierra ("Total Eclipse..." duet with Scott)

best keyboards - Anwar Robinson

best dressed - Constantine Maroulis (wore red & black)

best regular guy now famous - Scott Savol (take a look at him now)

best prop - Nadia Turner (with her afro & silver guitar)

best dancer - Nikko Smith

best giggle - Vonzell Solomon

best looking - Anthony Fedorov

best standing ovation - Bo Bice (the crowd favorite)

best thank you - Carrie Underwood (was sincere & heartfelt)




Birmingham AL (7/15)


I'm one of the 5 chicks from Memphis in their early 30s that love to act like teenagers for one weekend.


We were lucky to talk to the idols this year, we've been to other idol concerts & we didn't get a chance to meet them. Don't "freak out" when you talk to them, act normal & ask questions, they'll hang out & talk! Be patient, we were out there til 1am.


Scott Savol - the NICEST guy! He was out there the entire time! about 2 hours, making sure he got to everyone. We told him how sweet he was & he said, "I kinda came across as a bad guy on tv & I'm trying to prove to everyone that I am not." We talked to him, got pics & autographs. I was very impressed with his performances as well. His duet with Jessica was one of my favorites.


Anwar - he was the 2nd one out & stayed for a while. He was very pleasant. Talked to him about music, teaching & Memphis. Very handsome but he isn't as exciting as some on stage. But his voice is great.


Constantine - He's a total flirt! He was more so led through by security where as Scott & Anwar were more casually just hanging out.


Anthony - very gracious & humble. He's obviously the one most shocked by the attention. I was never a big fan of his but I love his voice in the concert. I have to admit, he's HOT!

(okay this is where it got a bit blurry)


Bo finally came out, I became focused on watching him that I actually let Nikko (great body), Vonzell (pretty & sweet), Carrie (very pretty in person) & Nadia pass right by me. He was moving VERY quickly & kept saying he was trying to get to everyone & that he was only signing one thing per person. I got to the end of the line & I was the last person he signed before security whisked him away. Never saw Jessica.


Nikko - wow, he could have been Usher, one of the most entertaining

Nadia - what a performer, she was so classy

Carrie - beautiful voice, a great singer but not an entertainer

Jessica - too much booty shaking for me but she was fun & did a great opening of the show. Her duet with Scott was fantastic.

Vonzell - great voice but kinda got boring after

Anwar - favorite performance was "What a Wonderful World"

Constantine - favorite performance was "Bohemian Rhapsody"

Scott - favorite performance was "Against all Odd" & duet with Jessica

Bo - he captivated the entire crowd. Watch for him after the concert, he popped up in the seats behind the stage & just watched everyone leaving. He seemed to be just taking it all in. ilovelopez




Duluth GA (7/16)


The stage setting this year was truly minimalistic. There were simply 2 smaller screens in the upper corners over the stage & one large screen in the back. The 5 piece band played quietly on an elevated area. The idols were each given a fair amount of time in the spotlight & got rid of the Motown-style reviews & medleys of the previous year. Jessica has a great voice but a so-so stage presence. Anwar did an okay version of "A House is Not a Home." Then it was Constantine's turn & he got the crowd revved up with "Hard to Handle," doing his usual (love the camera routine). He followed it by a smoky "My Funny Valentine" then concluded with "Bohemian Rhapsody." He was the only one who forgot to announce the next idol. Nikko had a hard act to follow but did it so admiringly. He threw his St Louis Cardinals hat into the front row seats. Scott Savol ambled on, towel in hand sang "Against All Odds," also a fun duet with Jessicca, "Total Eclipse of the Heart" & a much better version of "She's Gone." Nadia Turner finished up the 1st half in a 3 inch stilleto, jean jacket & a black cocktail dress. She also worked the guitar for a song & her big afro hair. Aaahhh! After the intermission, Anwar on keyboards asked the folks to get on to their feet with "Superstition." Vonzell in a stunning yellow dress came on to sing "Karma" followed by "I Have Nothing" then I'm Every Woman" & Best of my Love." Anthony engaged the crowd with a fun version of "Everytime You Go Away." Finally Bo & Carrie came & did 4 songs each. The show ended with "Lean On Me" & "Rock in the USA." The AJ Constitution




Greensboro NC Concert (7/17)


My 5 yr old son & I drove 2 hrs to see the concert. He wanted to see Scott since he has a striking resemblance to my brother Thomas, Christopher's uncle. After the show, he asked if we can go see them back stage. We found ourselves going down the elevator to the basement & later on saw Scott. I called out his name if we can have a picture with him & he gestured to us that he wil l be right back. That brought attention to the 4 security guards & hovered around began to yell at us. It scared my boy so much that he started crying. Just as I felt I was going to cry too, I saw Scott & he pushed the guards out of the way & reached out to Chris & asked if he wanted some pictures. My boy just nodded. As I was asking a man to take our picture I saw Scott gave my boy a big hug. It was enough to melt your heart. Jennifer & Christoper Chudzik


Anthony & Bo were the favorites. I was screaming my head off not just for Scott but for everybody. I was bantering with some of the other fans about who was his biggest fan. He was really tired tonight but still made the effort to come out & sign autographs. His voice sounded hoarse & he said he was saving it for Tuesday. Jessica was passing by & she started to sing "Total Eclipse..." & I think the fans wanted Scott to sing too. Some were actually singing "Against All Odds" to him. I t was cool! Pound Puppy




Reading PA (7/19)


I met all the idols & I think Scott was the most personable of all. We made a sign for him which we told him at the meet & greet. I also asked him a favor If he could say "hi" to my friend during the show. Her name is unique & often mispronounced but he remembered & said it right! I wasn't a big fan of Scott but that changed. I felt his performance with Jessica was fantastic. I enjoyed his solos too. It just goes to show you, things aren't always as they seemed to be on tv. I was definitely impressed by him. He also acknowledged us during the show by our sign. It made my son's night. I think he went above & beyond. My 8 yr old will remember him forever! Go Scott! You have a new fan, what you did was fantastic! Corginny




Toronto ON (7/20)


Scott said that it was like his first time in our country since he was here once when he was 4. He referenced that time by saying, "Back then I was a little fat kid! Now I am a big fat kid!" The crowd appreciated that! As what was expected, Carrie, Bo & Constantine received the loudest cheers. Carrie was even more beautiful in person. I think the most noteable intro was when Anthony finished his performance & he had to introduce Bo. Obviously the fans started clapping & screaming & whooping it up! For the group finale, Bo & Jessica wore Toronto Maple Leafs' jerseys. I have no doubt that they were gifts from the meet & greet. You wanna get the crowd to your side, that's the surest way to go! Ontario Rocks




Philadelphia PA (7/24)


I am happy to report that Philly is definitely the "City of Brotherly Love." Scott got an extremely warm reception. He did an awesome job I was so thrilled to see him in person. I screamed so loud that my throat hurt when I got home. At one point he was joking around about dancing but he was told he better not because the stage couldn't take that much activity. But he did a little dance move & the crowd went wild! There was a short lull & I stood up in my seat & screamed "You are beautiful Scott!" He looked in our direction & said something like, "Boy someone up there is making a lot of noise!" Then I screamed again, "I love you Scott!" I wish I could have been closer. I think I really surprised my son Tom who's 19. All the idols did a great job. You are all in for a treat. Jill from Delaware


There were a bunch of Bo & Con fans. Anthony fans were out of control! Right before the show was about to start, Bo & Scott came out & were waving to the fans from back stage. They made the rounds & all the people were going crazy. They were shaking all of the kids hands. One girl even started crying, she was just too excited. Scott & Jessica should record "Totsl Eclipse of the Heart." They sounded wonderful together. Their voices blended so nice. The idols were all talking about getting philly cheesesteaks. I need to pass along to Cathy (Scott's mom) to tell the idols to go to Tony Luke's, the best one. Geno's & Pat's are also good. Overall, I'd love to see this show again, it was very entertaining. Anne


There was a little boy in a wheelchair beside me. Scott shook his hand & the little boy said he really wanted to see Jessica but the guard was telling the idols that they had to get on the bus. But Scott made sure that Jessica got to see the little boy. He just stood there & yelled "Jessica" as loud as he could. Jessica came over & gave the boy a hug. Thanks again Scott & all the idols who took the time to see their fans. unknown




Wilkes-Barre PA (7/26)


I met Scott briefly at the meet & greet & was surprised by how nice he was. I was a Constantine fan during the show. My son & my mom were Scott fans. After the concert I went to the VIP after party & had another chance to talk to him. He's such a great guy that I spent more time talking with him than Cons. His personality is so real & he makes you feel so comfortable when he talks to you. I was blown away with him. I am from Ohio so we talked about my hometown & he told me the names of his friends in my area. Did I mention that Scott was amazing? I can't wait to see him again in Pittsburgh & get a chance to talk to him & have him meet my son. Scott is a truely inspiring person. Scott, you ROCK!!! Jackie from Ohio




Washington DC (7/27)


I saw Scott in DC Everyone really like him after his performance. The lady next to me was such a big Scott fan. She began to hyperventilate when he came on & screamed the whole way through. I thought she was going to pass out. He has a great sense of humor. He asked if we wanted to see him dance & said that we really didn't cuz the stage would collapse under his weight & it would be a liability to the front row. He earned a lot of new fans that night. KLoscee




Manchester NH (7/31)


Bo Bice wore sneakers instead of his usual cowboy boots on stage & ended up breaking his foot mid-song. Bice told MTV News from a Cleveland hospital Mon he switched footwear for safety's sake during his energetic performance & apparently, the tennis shoes had "too much of a grip." He made a leap Sunday night during "I Don't Want to Be," & his foot snapped. "I tried to stand back up & just collapsed," he said. He shook off the pain, finished the show then went to Manchester Hospital where doctors said he broke his foot, twisted his ankle & pulled a muscle. He took some pain meds then hopped on the bus for the 10 hour ride to Cleveland with his AI tour mates. Bice said he'll be back on stage for Tuesday night's Cleveland show sporting an air cast. Audience for the rest of the tour will get a more subdued but no less entertaining version of the long-haired southern rocker, he said. "I guess people will get a kind of , ahem, stool sample of Bo," he joked. MTV news

When Scott came on stage I stood up on my seat & started waving my banner & it's not a small banner either. I don't think the people behind me were too happy. I stood up there through all of his 3 songs screamng & waving. After he left the stage, a security guard walking the isle stopped & looked at our row & pointed to me & my aunt & said, "You two come here." All I could think of was we'll be thrown out for standing on that seat with a banner. They asked to see our tickets, checked them over real good & asked who I knew in the concert. I said, "Scott Savol," & said ok, you're the right one & handed us after the show passes. I was so excited until Bo got hurt. I know our Scotty, he wouldn't leave Bo til he knew he was okay. When we got back stage after all the idols were coming in one by one. No Scott, I was freaking out. Nadia even told us not to worry & she'll make sure he comes out. He finally came out, got our hugs & kisses & autograph. He was worried about Bo I could tell so he didn't stay too long. I gave him the banner & he said he'll keep it on his bunk bus the rest of the tour. We told him you have to have it at the bbq for the Dawgs! I just read that it was hanging there. Bless his heart, no matter what's thrown at him he seems to remember it all & doesn't disappoint anyone. I don't know if you know this but Scott's brother Michael looks like him, and about 10 preteen girls saw him outside & mobbed him while screaming at the top of their lungs wanting an autograph & a photo. We all started laughing & told them he's not Scott but Scott's brother. When they finally realized this, they still wanted to have a picture & said, "It doesn't matter...this is close enough!" Angel





Cleveland OH (8/2)


"Take a good look at me now!" Scott Savol - a slow burning ambition sang Tues night at the Cleveland State Univ Wolstein Center. All eyes were on the 5th place AI finalist from Shaker Heights as he nailed "Against All Odds." Our hometown idol proved he has a shot at a long term music career. Bice was on crutches after breaking his right foot during a gig Sun in NH. It didn't stop him from rocking out on "Sweet Home Alabama" Unfortunately, he didn't perform his signature tune, "I Don't Want to Be," opting out for a mellow "Desperado & "Voodoo Child." John S The Plain Dealer


Finalists Bo & Scott nearly steal the concert from the winners! Their sold out performance drew 11,000 fans. Savol's fans filled the seats on the left side of the stage. "The Dawg Pound" went crazy as he finished off a 3 song set with Hall & Oats "She's Gone, Againts All Odds & a duet with Jessica. He brought his son, Brandon onstage to say hello to the crowd. "This is my reason for coming out here & giving you guys something fun." Savol told the crowd as his son stood at his feet. The crowd really went crazy when idol runner up Bo Bice hobbled onto the stage with a pair of crutches & sat at the keyboard. "It's been a couple of days since I played the piano, so I might stumble through." Closing the show was Idol Underwood, her last song was the idol song "Inside your Heaven." The show closed with Bice & Underwood's duet & the entire cast singing "Lean on Me & ROCK in the USA. Akron Beacon Journal




Detroit MI (8/4)


Jessica came out to open the show & the crowd gave her a good reception. She was excellent! Waved to us folks in the cheap seats. Anwar was next, he is handsome, sweet & very appreciative of the audience. Nadia, (one hell of a performer) & I love her husky voice. She was all over the stage running in spike heels! jacket, black shirt & pants & boots. His 1st 2 songs sounded better on tv. Got a lot of screams from the girly crowd, but Detroit is evidently not a "Constantine town." Nikko only grabbed his crotch once, he's a crowd pleaser with his dancing. He's also another one who acknowledged the cheap seats. Threw his hat to the audience & introduced Scott as "his friend." Detroit loves Scott! He got a lot of cheering & screaming. The little girls next to me nearly broke my eardrum from their screams. The applause for his was in the top 5 in terms of decibels. He came out in his striped polo & baggy jeans with a white towel. We shall revisit the towel later. His singing was perfect & showed no sign of being tired. Scott & Jessica's duet was one of the night's highlights. Then he did his "stand-up comedy" thing about dancing. He looked absolutely at home with it. I looked up at the jumbotron & could tell he was loving the hell out of doing that by the expression on his face! He acknowledged every part of the audience & moved around the whole stage for his last song. Great performance & the audience responded. Vonzell....classy & beautiful. Has learned to deal with her dress so that it doesn't trip her. Sweet, friendly, waves to fans. Unfortunately, she was off-key enough to make me cringe at one point. Maybe it was just me. Anthony....very impressive! Way better now than he was on AI. Talked about hockey. He jumped off the stage & climbed off that metal barrier but he didn't slip off like CM did & didn't miss a note. Bo....the entire place went nuts when he came out! The walls were vibrating! Everyone was standing & screaming! The first thing he said was,"I fell down." Then he said he had learned that at his age, it was "better to be safe than cool." The poor guy was in pain though & it showed in his voice & face. Drank a lot of water (dry mouth from meds?") Carrie...a good reception & was definitely a fave of the little girls ( a better person to look up to than Britney Spears, for sure!) At one point CM found that towel that I believe Scott left onstage, he started twirling it, wiped his face on it & slung it out into the audience. (EWW) Bo lost what I believe was his ring , Jessica picked it up. Scott hurried to help Bo offstage. They had their arms around each other. When everyone was leaving, Scott & Vonzell came out of the stage to sign a couple of autographs. I yelled, "SCOTTY WE LOVE YOU!" & waved like a madwoman. He looked up in my direction & waved. Nancy Jones





Chicago IL (8/8)


My boyfriend & I went to the concert & I had 1 reason to go & it was to see Con. However, my boyfriend being a skeptic, watched all performances & to my surprise, critiqued them all in this order:


(He was going by sound & visual) 10 being the worst.


10. Carrie - tried too hard

9. Bo - way too loud (totally surprised me, I personally though he was great.)

8. Anthony - cute but too cute

7. Nadia - just didn't fit, something wild about her

6. Vonzell - ok, just like the others - too much diva & Whitney

5. Anwar - wasn't loud enough but liked his vibe

4. Nikko - very fluid

3. Jessica - very strong

2. Constantine - impish but fun, very entertaining

1. Scott - came as a very sincere & just a nice simple voice, he was genuine.




St Louis MO (8/9)


Carrie, Bo & Constantine are obvious crowd favorites but it was Nikko Smith's night. Dubbed the "comeback kid" far surpassed his televised AI appearances during his solo segment in concert. Sure he was a bit Usher-like in presentation but he pulled it off during his 3 song dance-heavy set. After telling the crowd he felt like dancing, Smith high stepped to Stevie Wonder's "Part Time Lover" before he really surprised with his moves on JT's "Like I Love You." Scott Savol joked Smith wanted to be a baseball player when he grew up. "I don't know where he got that from," Savol said before giving a shout out to Smith's father, baseball Hall of Famer Ozzie Smith.


Bice hobbled on stage & warned the crowd he wouldn't be able to jump around. Vonzell was in a diva mode giving a full throttle on big R&B staples. Robinson shined on ballads. Maroulis was best on mugging marvelously. He only played to the camera -- the arena could've been empty & he would've been fine so long as the cameras were on him. Anthony proved watchable on oldies such as "Every Time You Go Away" & "Can You Stop The Rain." Nadia brought fire power to her trio of rock songs. Jessica & Scott were best in duet form on "Total Eclipse of the Heart." St Louis Post-Dispatch


All the idols are so talented...and the crowd was a real joy to be a part of. My husband, daughter & I were all wearing our black hats, white shirts & dog tags. I also bought a Scott button & put it on my shirt. Nikko introduced Scott & when he came out, I was on my feet til he was done. I screamed til my throat was raw & clapped so much I have a bruise on my left hand! I didn't hear any booing...I did hear a group of girls yell..."We Love You Scott!" there were even some die-hard Con fans sitting to our right. She was on her feet clapping for him when he finished his set. I just wanted to say this because it broke my heart to hear about what happened with the Chicago concert. Jill Miller







Norman OK (8/10)


Jessica opened the show & she looked gorgeous & stunning. Her song "Boys are Back in Town" was done with high energy & this lady can get down & boogie. Her "Total Eclipse.." duet with Scott was a total joy.


Anwar is one beautiful man. I cannot even begin to describe the physical beauty of this guy, he is knock dead handsome.


Constantine flirted with the ladies in the audience with "Hard to Handle." He was never still on the stage...he did his Con head rotation, flinging his long mane. Con has wonderful things to say about Oklahoma & Carrie.


Nikko did "Part Time Lover." His dancing was remarkable, of course he has his signature jacket on & the Cardinal's hat which he threw into the crowd.


Scott was funny & had the crowd in his back pocket with his "commercial" routine. His vocals were very good.


Nadia...OMG she came onstage dressed in a military type shirt & skirt which she later removed. She moved on that stage like a Rock & Roll Goddess.


Vonzell was dressed in yellow & she walked down the stairs on stage & she looked like a movie star. All of her songs were powerful. She had the total package...beautiful & her vocals could raise the dead!


Anthony has a fine hiney! His voice is strong & pure. To my ears he was pitch perfect.


Bo hobbled on stage sat down at the keyboards & said, "Now I have the most embarrassing moment in my life." (talking about breaking his foot) played & sang "Desperado" was marvelous. Buffalo




Grand Prairie TX (8/13)


Jessica opened the show, much better in person than on tv. Anwar was next, I absolutely love his voice. I really wish he had chosen better songs though. He did build the energy back up though when he introduced the next performer....Constanine. He was fun to watch in person. He was all over the stage. He got at the edge of the stage & someone took advantage of it & got right up next to him while her friend took their picture. He put his arm around her & bent further down to them. He drove the females nuts & he knows how to work the crowd. He made a big deal of wiping the sweat out of his face & chest & threw the towel to the crowd. Nikko was next. He sang Incomplete & did the little talk with the audience like the other idols. He did a lot of dancing & threw his baseball cap to the crowd.


There are as many people who have talked just as bad about Scott as the ones who have had good things to say about him but let me tell you, he has a fantastic voice & he is quite funny. He started with "Against All Odds" & I fell absolutely in love with him. He talked to us a little & Jessica came out across, they sang "Total Eclipse..." it sounded so good I got tears in my eyes. They have a fabulous chemistry. Everyone were laughing a lot when he talked about how much he was looking forward to Texas for the food but he really shouldn't have eaten it. He talked about the gurggling in his tummy & that he should be hurrying up with his last song so as not to offend anybody. Very funny. He also mentioned about the Showstoppers cd had sold more copies than any other year & how proud of that he was. I have gained a new respect for this young man & have become a fan. Next up was Tina, I mean Nadia Trner, Wow. She really rocks. And how she managed to move around the stage with those shoes I will never know. Vonzell was next after the intermission & she looked sexy, sultry & so beautiful in her yellow gown. Her voice is so sweet. Then there was Bo, he sang "Desperado" & it was a good song for him. Then he sang Vehicle, he moved around the stage even with his broken foot (bless this man's heart). Then he did Voodoo child which wasn't my favorite. Of course he ended it with Sweet Home Alabama & the applause he got just went on & on & on...He had to wait a minute or two before it died down & introduced Carrie. She was all over the stage for her performance with the last song she did, "Inside your Heaven" all the idols came out & joined in. According to my sister who never followed much the AI show said that the 1st half, she thinks Scott had the best voice of the show, then Vonzell, Bo & Carrie in that order. Her favorite was still the Scott-Jessica duet. Peggymgirl




San Antonio TX (8/14)


Jessica opened the show, much better in person than on tv. Anwar was next, I absolutely love his voice. I really wish he had chosen better songs though. He did build the energy back up though when he introduced the next performer....Constanine. He was fun to watch in person. He was all over the stage. He got at the edge of the stage & someone took advantage of it & got right up next to him while her friend took their picture. He put his arm around her & bent further down to them. He drove the females nuts & he knows how to work the crowd. He made a big deal of wiping the sweat out of his face & chest & threw the towel to the crowd. Nikko was next. He sang Incomplete & did the little talk with the audience like the other idols. He did a lot of dancing & threw his baseball cap to the crowd.


There are as many people who have talked just as bad about Scott as the ones who have had good things to say about him but let me tell you, he has a fantastic voice & he is quite funny. He started with "Against All Odds" & I fell absolutely in love with him. He talked to us a little & Jessica came out across, they sang "Total Eclipse..." it sounded so good I got tears in my eyes. They have a fabulous chemistry. Everyone were laughing a lot when he talked about how much he was looking forward to Texas for the food but he really shouldn't have eaten it. He talked about the gurggling in his tummy & that he should be hurrying up with his last song so as not to offend anybody. Very funny. He also mentioned about the Showstoppers cd had sold more copies than any other year & how proud of that he was. I have gained a new respect for this young man & have become a fan. Next up was Tina, I mean Nadia Trner, Wow. She really rocks. And how she managed to move around the stage with those shoes I will never know. Vonzell was next after the intermission & she looked sexy, sultry & so beautiful in her yellow gown. Her voice is so sweet. Then there was Bo, he sang "Desperado" & it was a good song for him. Then he sang Vehicle, he moved around the stage even with his broken foot (bless this man's heart). Then he did Voodoo child which wasn't my favorite. Of course he ended it with Sweet Home Alabama & the applause he got just went on & on & on...He had to wait a minute or two before it died down & introduced Carrie. She was all over the stage for her performance with the last song she did, "Inside your Heaven" all the idols came out & joined in. According to my sister who never followed much the AI show said that the 1st half, she thinks Scott had the best voice of the show, then Vonzell, Bo & Carrie in that order. Her favorite was still the Scott-Jessica duet.




Glendale AZ (8/16)


The Top 10 Idol finalists took turns performing during the 3 hour show, which culminated in a group number. It was a night of skinned knees, cheesy facial expressions & mugging for the cameras as the AI tour came to Phoenix area's Glendale Arena. Adding further credence to those who equate the FoxTV talent show to a karaoke contest, all singers sing to backing tracks rather than utilizing a live band. Nonetheless, many performers including Smith & Fedorov were more polished in person than during their television appearances.


Adding energy to the show, Maroulis worked the stage & the arena cameras as he sang "Hard to Handle." He ran & slid on his knees at the end of the song then played a funked up "My Funny Valentine" with a ripped pant leg & a cut knee. "My knee is bleeding - I can feel it too, Maroulis said. "That's ok. It's rock n roll." Smith introduced Scott Savol as "Scotty the Body," prompting Savol to poke fun at his own ample weight. "I'm big & I love it - I don't care," Savol said before dueting with Sierra on "Total Eclipse of the Heart." "If I get a disease, it'll take me a long time to die." Savol also sang Phil Collins' "Against All Odds" & teased the audience by grabbing the arm of his glasses, a nod to one of his performances on the televised competition during which he whipped off his glasses while singing an overly dramatic portion of the song.


American Idol runner-up Bice hobbled on stage with a cane due to a broken foot but that didn't stop him from jumping around while singing his single "Vehicle." He did however grimace & squint his eyes in a pained expression when he was finished. Bice showed off his musicianship by playing keyboards to "Desperado" & playing guitar to "Voodoo Child." His searing guitar work was a stark contrast to Turner's attempt.


Underwood wrapped up the show with a country-tinged performance. Despite a few miscues, AI Live was campy fun - probably not something Simon wants to hear. C Fuoco




Los Angeles CA (8/17)


What a night to remember! My much anticipated AI concert almost didn't happen (I'll tell you all about it later)...and there it was, Wed night Peter & I at the Staples Center. Good seats, man! Floor Section 4 Row 4 Seats 1 & 2, aisle seats, baby! You probably would like to know how the idols fair. I know you've read a bunch of them since the beginning of their tour & tired of the same old stuff, you know, the usual..."who's great, who's fake, who's hot, who's not, who rocks & who sucks." Let me tell you, in all fairness to all the idols & to all of their fans...each idol did their own segment & each different from one another. Ballads, Rock, R&B, Pop, Country & Nostalgic Classic Oldies. THEY ALL BROUGHT THE HOUSE DOWN!!! People young & old were all enjoying everyone's performance & giving them the love, support & respect that they didn't receive at the other venues. To summarize everything, I'd like to do it the "AWARDS NIGHT KINDA WAY." The Idols performed in this order: Jessica (2 songs), Anwar (2 songs), Constantine (3 songs), Nikko (3 songs), Scott (3 songs including a duet with Jessica), Nadia (3 songs) and then the intermission...Anthony (3 songs), Vonzell (4 songs including a duet with Anwar), Bo (4 songs including a duet with Carrie), Carrie (4 songs including a duet with Bo & the group) & finally 2 group songs.


AND THE AWARD GOES TO...the envelop please...


Best Patriotic Performance - Carrie "Independence Day" (people were just clapping, singing & feeling good about themselves being in America)


Best Action Performance - Nadia "Try A Little Tenderness" (the way she handled her silver guitar wearing those high heels & kicked the air, held her mike while dragging the mike stand from one end of the stage to the other plus ending her signature song "You Don't Have To Say You Love Me" with stretched arms, she was so much fun & entertaining to watch.)


Best Sound/Visual Effects - Constantine "Bohemian Rhapsody" (with the fans screaming in the background & the loudness of his music together with the visual montage onstage, this is what your mind is like when you're on drugs - very high energy, indeed)


Best Foreign Language - Anthony "Marc Anthony Adaption song" (he sang it in Spanish! Watch out Josh Groban, here's your competition! And by the way, he sings in Italian too.)


Best Instrumental - Bo "Voodoo Child" (although he played the keyboards when he sang Desperado & played the guitar when he had a duet with Carrie, he knows how to handle that electric guitar with ease, resting his right injured foot on the edge of a speaker. Bo is one Versatile & BOnafide performer!)


Best Dramatic/Sincere Performance - Scott "Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)" (the audience did what he asked them to & it was a very emotional & heartwarming moment. The impact of his song, the power in his voice, the expression in his face & tie them all in a melody. If only he can give a speech after his performance, this is what he would've said, "Go ahead, take a good look at me now, I'm an average guy who likes to sing & sing from my heart. I'm just like you, I dream about having better things in my life & I'd like to do something about it & make it happen & now here I am, performing for all of you & I'll continue to do so because I love my son & I'd love for him to have the good things I never had growing up as a child. I'm making a big difference in my life & would like to thank the good Lord above for listening to my prayers & to all of you, a million thanks.")


Best in Choreography - Nikko "Like I Love You" (you just focus on watching his every move. You feel like you're in a trance, you try to take a picture but you can't. You want to absorb each & every strut he does & it makes you wonder, "How did he do that?")


Best Theme Performance - Anwar "What a Wonderful World" (he dedicated his songs to the late Luther Vandross. You can feel the vibration inside the stadium with his mighty voice. What a wonderful smile, what a wonderful voice & what a wonderful man you are!)


Best Broadway Performance - Jessica "The Boys Are Back In Town" (she opened the show standing at the top of the (prop) stairs while her back was facing the audience & flawlessly gyrated her way down the steps to the beat of her music. Her husky voice never sounded any better.)


Best Costume Performance - Vonzell "I Have Nothing" (there was a magical glow when she came onstage dressed in her mustard yellow gown. She sang passionately & the audience loved her. A guy two rows behind me kept shouting, "I Love You Baby V! Isn't she beautiful!"  Oochie A Chirico




San Jose CA (8/20)


The show was very high energy. The highlights for me:


Constantine's incredible amount of energy! Although I thought his vocals were a little strained tonight. Singing every night esp rock is tough on the voice. Black velvet jacket tonight instead of red. Silver bracelet still there.


Anwar & Vonzell together. Anwar is such a pro! Very comfortable on the stage & with that brilliant smile, fantastic. He sang on the steps & sang the first measures of "Do You Know the Way to San Jose." Very cute. Saw some Anwarrior signs in the audience. Nadia can really rock! I know it's been said before but until you see it you just can't believe how good she is! I've always thought Anthony was cute & had a nice voice but he really does fantastic in a concert. Great on stage. I was totally impressed.


I thought Scott & Jessica singing "Total Eclipse was really very good. Carrie is still as pretty as a picture & her voice is wonderful. She's moving around the stage much better. She even made me tap my foot to country music, that's never happened.


Little extras:


You've heard that they showed Bo performing "Vehicle" from another concert. Was nice to see his sweet face but a little sad that the stage was empty. I think a little piece of everyone's heart was broken tonight because he wasn't there. When Anthony introduced the video he said Bo wasn't feeling well (no details) & there were some rude boos, not a lot. After the video all the guys came out & sang "Sweet Home Alabama" & dedicated it to Bo. It was sweet. It really brought tears to the eyes. They asked the audience to sing it with them. On the big screen behind the stage they were showing photos & videos of Bo at home in Alabama. Constantine yelled, "for Bo" & Scott yelled, "We love ya Bo." When they all came out to sing the last numbers together, Scott & Jessica were wearing Sharks shirts (the HP Pavillion is where the San Jose sharks play hockey, it's known around here as the "Shark Tank.") But the sweetest thing is that Constantine was wearing a Bo Tshirt. An extra little shout out to his buddy.


All in all, a great show but we miss Bo. As much as we like the other idols, there is so much heart in Bo. It felt like a part of the family was missing. Continuing to pray for his speedy recovery. Befair57


I was at the show too. I'm a huge Carrie fan. The big surprise for me tonight was Nikko & Scott, those 2 were hot! WOW!! Yes, one of Anwar's songs was really beautiful. Standing O! Everyone of them were awesome tonight. Best concert I've been in years. There was this girl in the front row & I thought she was going to pass out when Constantine stepped out on to the little platform directly in front of her & touched her hand. What a great concert! Sound Machine




Sacramento CA (8/21)


The idols were all great & fantastic. I am praying for Bo's recovery, he was truly missed. Most of the people there are not Board Hoppers 7 had no idea what the real deal was about Bo's condition. Yo could hear speculations going on during the intermissions & after. The few folks I did tak to were so shocked & said they would keep Bo in their prayers.


Jessica opened the show, she was awesome, HUGE voice! I will get her cd for sure. Anwar has the purest voice. I loved all his songs. Oh he ever handsome in person. He wouldn' come out of the bus to sign autographs but did stand out by the bus for a bit, even trying to get his own bags in the cargo. I shouted, he ought to have someone paid to do that, then he shouted, "I will honey!" Constantine was surrounded with arm to arm security, straight to the bus...not coming out at all. then with Scott, I really enjoyed his set. He had such a beautiful voice & was funny too. His duet with Jessica was one of the most memorable of the night. They gave me goose bumps! He came out to the busses, went inside for a bit & was the first to come out for autographs & pictures. A bit shy but very nice in person!, can he ever move. Watch out Usher! I got to talk to him a bit.


Anthony, he is going to be a big star! I just love his voice. He was wonderful singing his spanish song. Another goose bump deliverer. He can speak fluent in Spanish, I didn't know that! Nadia....WOW everything they said about her is right on! She is VERY comparable to Tina Turner. commanding voice. Vonzell...she is so pretty in person. She didn't come out for autographs or pictures either but I managed t snap a few as she skirted along. Carrie...our American Idol. Her stage presence was beyond anything we saw on the show. At first she didn't want t have her picture taken, but then gave in saying, "I know that these pictures will be all over the internet tomorrow." Bophanattic




Everett WA (8/23)


Constantine was my favorite but totally snubbed everyone waiting to meet him! SHMUCK!!! The other 4 were so nice. Vonzell & I talked like we've known each other for a long time. Scott was good cuz he actually got down on his knee so that he could have a picture with me (I'm on a wheelchair). Anwar, what a sweetheart...& those eyes! *melts* Nadia is sooo real! jtskagen


I finally got to meet Scott. He does give great hugs. That memory will be with me forever! What a sweetheart! So polite & a soft spoken man. Sandyk52


Everyone just blew me away. We met Nadia, Anwar, Scott & Vonzell all of which are wonderful, warm people. The show seemed longer than the 2 hours that was mentioned before even without Bo. The tribute was very touching when Scott talked about Bo. My daughter & I are huge Constantine fans but were a bit disappointed when he went straight to his friends in the corner for 20 mins & went back inside. Not a word, wave or smile to anyone. Scott was very cool. He was genuinely appreciative of all the comments he got about his performance which was honestly outstanding. Nadia's an amazing, warm person who appreciates her fans completely. unknown


The show was awesome, of course, sucked Bo wasn't there. All the guys came out in Bo shirts & sang "Sweet Home Alabama." Scott did a great speech about Bo & you can tell that he's pretty bummed Bo's not around. For the aftershow, Scott, Vonzell, Nadia & Anwar came out. Constantine came out & stood in the corner with 3 women. Wouldn't sign autographs & as soon as he was done with them, he left. My friend Judy said that it was pretty obvious who the EGO of the bunch was. AHHEMMM!!! She said what got her is Mr Ego would actually wait for the applause & when he wasn't getting enough, he'd stand there until he felt he was appreciated enough, then he'd sing. Trae insisted I call her during "Total Eclipse." I had to get off the phone with Des & she was bummed. So many people to please, what to do, what to do. LOL. When Anthony was up, one lady just kept staring at him & smiling. It made me cry. It made me so happy to see how much these idols make other people happy. TJ teared up a few times. They did a closeup of Scott & you could see the "Brandon" tattoo very clearly. I I looked at TJ & he was smiling & crying. Anwar did a shout out to his high school music teacher. It was so sweet. We were crying at that one too. She was in the audience & he told her if it wasn't for her, he wouldn't be on the stage today. OMG I was so happy for her, what an honor!!! Cree




Portland OR (8/24)


Scott got all serious for a moment & said that his mom called him today with bad news. I thought, OMG, I just talked to Cathy & she sounded fine, wonder what happened? Then he said, she informed him he was overwight. & he said he never knew this fact! He said he just always thought everybody else didn't eat. He had me going for a minute! Well, last night at Everett, Scott said he'd have security bring me the meet & greet passes to my seat. Anyway, they did radio somebody who radios somebody esle. About 8 security people later they tell me if you don't have any passes by now, you ain't getting them. I knew no matter what I said they weren't gonna believe me. So exhausted, I finally asked, can't somebody radio Scott & give him my name? They said by the time they do that, the meet & greet will be over. My cousins didn't meet him. It's just typical, I go to Ohio & Washington & there is no problem. But I go to Oregon, my home state & get screwed.. Cree


Cree, I just talked to Scott & he asked me to tell you that he is soooo sorry about last night. They had an extremely busy day & he just plain forgot about the passes until after the show. Cathy (Mamma Savol)




Des Moines IA (8/28)


When Nikko introduced Scott, people were on their feet. There were signs scattered for him throughout the audience. We were all wearing the black & white colors, some of us had dog tags, most of us were wearing black hats. One person asked if we were some of his relatives. I was supposed to get the meet & greet passes at the office 4 pm. It was just a bit past 5 so I was really disappointed. The concert started & once again I will say that all of these people are so talented in their own way. When Scott sang, I sang with him, last time I was just mesmerized to remember the words. We all had glow sticks & of course our signs. I love the tribuite they gave to Bo! Scott had more "mike" time than in St Louis. They let him introduce Carrie, where Bo would normally have done it. Then Carrie was singing & this man appeared & started to ask my daughters what seats we were in. He then handed me the aftershow meet & greets. All of the idols were present except for Carrie, Jessica & of course, Bo. They were all friendly & sweet. Constantine told us that he liked our hats & wanted to know if there was a theme going on. I asked him if he wanted to know who my favorite idol was. He said sure, so I showed him Scott's picture. He was really nice & said that was good. He asked if we had left a gift for Scott earlier. We said yes & he told us Scott really liked it! When he came out I told him I heard he gave really good hugs & I wanted one. They are fantastic! We all got our pictures taken with him. Later I asked

Scott if I could have one more hug for him to give to his mom when he sees her again to thank her for helping us get the passes. (I thanked him too.) The second hug was as good as the first hug -- it's for you Cathy! We talked for a total of 10 minutes or so & thanked us for the gift. I told him the next time I see him it will be when he is out on his own. He smiled. Told us a bit about what was up after the tour. He then needed to get on his way, so he put his thumbs up & said, "God Bless you." Jill




Green Bay WI (8/30)


Jessica - she did a good job.

Anwar - liked his outfit for some reason, he sounded awesome!

Constantine - I'm not a Con fan & didn't really enjoy him, loved the guitar parts in Bo Rap.

Nikko - the man I was there to see, he was in my opinion the best performer of the night.

Scotty the Body - he was really funny & I thought he did a pretty good job. The duet with Jessica was pretty.

Nadia - my dad & I didn't like her song choices & her trying-to-be-a-rocker, but vocally, she was alright.

Vonzell - she did a good job & was so pretty.

Anthony - he put me to sleep, too many slow songs.

tribute to Bo - it was cool, they showed him performing "Vehicle" & then all the guys came out & sang "Sweet Home Alabama"

Carrie - didn't like her first 2 songs, but "Alone" was good. David




Portland ME (9/9)


Mothers & daughters screamed in unison. Fathers & their little girls swayed back & forth to soulful ballads. Grown women fought over sweaty towels. And retirees pumped their fists in the air while shouting with glee. Talk about pop culture melting pots. The American Idol tour brought together the powerful worlds of tv, pop music, nostalgia & intergenerational bonding Friday night at the Cumberland County Civic Center in Portland.

The performers - nine of the finalists on last season's hit Fox Network talent show "American Idol" - were nobodies before landing on the show last season. But beginning in January, millions of people watched them perform on tv every week into May.

"We followed it all winter & they became just like family. We were on a first name basis. It was amazing to watch how much better they got every week," said Diane Stanley, 61, a retired nurse from Dixfield.


Although all contestants got huge ovations, the most passionate went to the lean & long-haired hearthrob Constantine Maroulis, a 29 yr old garage band singer from New York City. Maroulis had a polished stage presence. He also played to the crowd by being the only Idol to walk right up to the front row of seating, causing an avalanche of women - grammar schoolers to grandmas - that the Civic Center security struggled to contain.

The second loudest ovation might have gone to Scott Savol, the chubby young man from Shaker Heights, Ohio who looks nothing like a pop star but has a smooth & pleasing voice. He did a serviceable version of the schmaltzy Phil Collins song "Against All Odds" & a very compelling duet with fellow finalist Jessica Sierra on Bonnie Tyler's 1983 smash "Total Eclipse of the Heart." Ray R Portland Press




Syracuse NY (9/10)


The capacity crowd of 6,000 or so who gathered for the scheduled last stop for the "American Idols" tour roared from the beloved 9 Jessica, Anwar, Constantine, Nikko, Scott, Nadia, Anthony, Vonzell & season 4 winner Carrie. All of the finalists showed why they made it to the finals of this year's version of the wildly popular Fox TV show. And the fans, little kids to old folks & just about every age in between, displayed the affection that comes from investing a whole season of TV watching in the singers. They loved the solo songs, the duets & the big group finale.


Then there was an added treat. Long haired rock singer Bice, the runner up to blonde country diva Underwood, had been missing from the tour for almost 3 weeks. He left to have intestinal surgery & was expected to miss the rest of the tour. However, when the Idol crew announced tonight's special benefit show, with every penny proceeds going to the Hurricane Katrina relief effort, the crew said Bice would return on Sunday.

But in the worst-kept secret of the night - Savol & Turner both told the crowd that their missing friend was in the house - Bice walked slowly from the wings with the help of a cane. He quickly tossed the cane, kicked off his flip-flops & delivered a dynamic performance of the rock song "Vehicle," the 1970 hit by the Ides of March. Bice oozed every bit of the rock star charisma that made loads of folks scream he was robbed when Underwood beat him to earn the Idol title.


Underwood followed Bice with glitter sparkling around her eyes & the country voice for stardom, belting out Martina McBride's "Independence Day." Who knows how long their fame will last, but every finalist was on his or her game.


Maroulis & Turner showed power & personality to make it big with "Bohemian Rhapsody" & "Try a Little Tenderness," Savol, Robinson & Fedorov stood out with ballads, Smith soared with R&B, Sierra rocked out & Solomon hit the roof with vocal power.


But Bice got the biggest cheer. And he made friends too, pitching the importance of tonight's benefit. He invited anybody to go down south with him Sept 22 & 23, when he's going to "stick my hands in the mud" to help. Fans may see him up close before that. "I bought 100 tickets myself for Sunday's concert & I'm going to find a place to give them out here in Syracuse," Bice said. Mark B




Syracuse NY (9/11)


Bo Bice didn't wait until he got onstage Sunday at the AI live tour to rally fans to help victims of Hurricane Katrina. Four hours before the benefit concert, he stepped from a car & limped with a cane toward a metal barrier where few fans had already lined up outside the Onondaga County War Memorial. Then he proceeded to give away a few tickets to the concert, proclaim how much he & the 9 other "Idols" singers loved the fans & encouraged everyone to drum up support for hurricane relief. "Let's all just band together," he told those looking stunned at Bice's unscheduled public appearance. "Y'all please, please, please put the word out." As he backed away, Bice shouted a promise about Sunday's show. "We're going to rock out tonight," said Bice who returned to the tour this weekend after missing several dates due to intestinal surgery. On several levels, Sunday's concert lived up to Bice's predictions.


The crowd despite filling maybe half the arena after a sold-out show of about 6,000 Saturday night was a convincing replica of the piercingly loud & fanatical TV audiences that cheered on the 10 finalists earlier this year on the 4th season of American Idol, the hit singing competition series on Fox. And with every penny from Sunday's ticket sales going to the American Red Cross to help with the Gulf Coast relief effort, organizers said they raised about $280,000 from the three hour concert.


"We may not have filled this place up," singer Scott Savol told the audience during his set, "but we did a lot more relief than if we hadn't done the concert." This was also an emotional occasion because it marked the last night of the tour, which began July 12 in Sunrise FL.

"I really can't believe this is the last time we're doing this," bespectacled "Idol" finalist Anthony Fedorov said. "Im going to work very, very hard to make sure I do this (singing) for the rest of my life."


Several stars of the show also pointed that it was the 4th anniversary of the Sept 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. "As a country, we've weathered many storms....We all feel it," said Bice, his voice choking up. Bice bounded around the stage, showing little effect of breaking his foot earlier on tour. His performance included his version of "Vehicle," which he sang dressed in an American Red Cross T-shirt with "Heroes" printed on the front.


In a hallway of the War Memorial before the concert, 2005 "Idol" winner Carrie Underwood said it was going to be a bittersweet night made a little sweeter by runner-up Bice's unexpected return for this weekend's show in Syracuse. "I'm excited to go home. I'm excited to start the rest of my career. And it's also cool we're doing something good to help out the world a little bit. But I'm sad because it's just kind of the end of a chapter in all our lives," said Underwood, who's donating money from sales from personal memorabilia sold at Sunday's concert to help animal victims of the hurricane. Like several other "Idol" finalists, Underwood said she had no plans to take an extended break. She would go home for a couple of days, then head to TN to finish work on a country music album.


Performer Constantine Maroulis, who was wearing a Queen T-shirt before the show, said he felt a little chill when Bice took the stage Saturday, his first time with the tour in about 3 weeks, "Having Bo he's like our leader back it's been incredible," Maroulis said. "And to be able to put on a show like this at the last minute & give all the proceeds to an incredible charity, I'm pretty proud I can say I was part of it."


Also performing Sunday were "Idol" finalists Vonzell Solomon, Nadia Turner, Anwar Robinson, Jessica Sierra & Nikko Smith. W LaRue





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